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Tarantula Tliltocatl albopilosum

Common Names
curlyhair, Honduran curlyhair
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T. albopilosum
Initial Breeding Date
Special Notes
I gave the female a juvie dubia the day prior to pairing.
Male intorduced to females enclosure
Breeding was fast male drummed immediately and female was not completely receptive but wasn't aggressive, I'm fairly confident that he got insertion.
Post Mating Care
nothing special
Time & Care
She still hasn't will update if she ever does.
Final Details
nothing yet
Pairings were
5/18/2020 suspected successful
6/1/2020 successful
6/9/2020 successful
6/24/2020 suspected successful female aggressive

still no eggsac after 3 months paired up again
9/16/2020 successful

male died 12/13/2020

Post mating I have fed on a normal routine and haven't fed her too heavily, she has had I think 3 juvie ~1inch dubias, 2 adult male dubias, maybe 10 large mealworms, and about a dozen crickets in the last 6 months. she is incredibly fat but will not lay a sac for some reason, I've tried lowering the temps to the low 60s for a week, raising them back to normal ( low-mid 70's) and even bringing them up to 80. I soaked down half of her enclosure. I can not trigger this girl to lay.


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