DFW Reptarium

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2220 Coit Rd
Plano, Texas
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(972) 596-7350
Exotic pet store specializing in reptiles and amphibians but with a decent invert selection as well.

They keep their reptiles and inverts really well. They also do not let you take a reptile or amphibian home without proof of a proper enclosure.
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A bit pricey but everything else checks out. The store could be kept a little nicer but it wasn't the worst I've visited. Staff is friendly and knows about most, if not all, the animals they have though some do seem to specialize in some more than others. I wish the Tarantulas and scorpions had more room to burrow but I understand that display cages don't make the best enclosures for such behavior. They a variety of feeders: Crickets, meal worms, super worms, rats, mice, frozen chicks, frozen mice, frozen rats, roaches, horn worms and fruit flies. They even carry microfauna and live plants. They will also help you set up your enclosure for a small fee. This place also offers partys, boarding, weighing probing and many other services as well! This place is worth a look or two.

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