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9690 Prominent Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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I recently purchased a mature Alphonopelma Chalcodes at this location and it was quite cheap at 50$ if I remember correctly and it was on sale for 20$. Although now I know why. I have confirmed it to be a mature male with its molt so sadly it will probably die soon (within a couple of months). Although the problem with this molt is that it occurred around a week after I had the T meaning that it was sold to me in premolt. I do not blame them though because every worker there except one was even to scared to put the tarantula in the box for me so most likely than not almost all of their staff knows nearly nothing about tarantulas and their care. Another reason why I make this statement is because of its wayyyy to big enclosure that it was living in. The hide was way to big for the T and on top of that, there was like five medium sized crickets in there! Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with that but the T was in premolt so he obviously wasn’t eating any and I hope to god that they didn’t have the crickets in there over a day because they could easily harm the T. And the last thing was that there was definitely not nearly as much substrate that there needed to be for this T who is a terrestrial. If anyone from Petco is reading this then I advise you to help educate your employees on the proper housing and care of the Ts you have. Also the photo is of the T I bought.

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