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I recently stopped at a Pet Supply Plus in Clarksburg,WV to pick up some supplies. I ventured over to their small animal area where they sale reptiles, fish, and at times a random tarantula in sad habitat conditions. This time they had a juvenile A.avic in a medium size critter keeper under direct light, dry water bowl and just sad conditions. I asked the lady working in that area if I can see the pinktoe and she told me "yah, one minute", well after I watched her go from...
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Went to pet supplies plus to get my first tarantula and got a little pink toe. I had visited before and the person in charge of the reptile and arachnid care was clearly passionate and knowledgeable about tarantulas as he owns some himself and I was sold.

But....the reptiles seem a bit sickly and the tarantula’s cage was a mess, I know tarantulas are hardy enough to handle it though I wouldn’t keep mine as messy. I came in a couple days later to buy my pink toe and the person I met before wasn’t in that day, I had two employees tell me hey were too afraid to touch the spider and actually made me put my hands into its enclosure and put the tarantula into the pet box myself. The tarantula was extremely skittish and ran a lot and if I was just a little less careful that situation could’ve ended with a dead spider. Thank god I also did research myself about this species because the employees knew absolutely nothing about tarantulas, not even what to feed them.

Overall when it comes to reptiles and arachnids they aren’t professional at all due to their own fears but with the other animals and supplies it is okay.

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