Unidentified Australian Tarantulas

Unidentified Australian Tarantulas

Need some asistance in identifying these two Australian Tarantulas. Both were caught in Central Australia.
The only thing i can say is Selenocosmia.
Its way to difficult to determine them by foto...
Thanks Creepa!

Had a look and found this site. This looks very much like my two spiders.

Selenocosmia stirlingi
Selenocosmia stirlingi Hogg (1901) is probably Australia`s most aggressive Theraphosid, striking at anything it perceives as a threat, which is usually anything that moves.
They haven't made any aggressive moves towards me. In fact they will move away when I have my hands in the enclosure and seem quite placid. Having said that I have noticed that they can move like greased lightning. Anyway I will take a lot more care now that I have read that article.

I haven't fed them yet but plan to tomorrow after work when I will swing by the pet store and buy some crickets/roaches.

I am new to this Arachnoid hobby having had the spiders for less then a week. So far I am getting a lot of pleasure out of setting up their enclosures and watching them settle in.
I dont want to dissapoint u but there's no way to say thats for shure a S. stillingi...
Have a look at Selenocosmia crassipes, S. sp "eunice", Selenocosmia sp. stents, Selenocosmia sp. "goliath" they all look the same to me...
But your spider is gorgeous though!

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