This was sold to me as a Lasiodora striatipes species but every molted its color doesn't like striatipes. I think this is a brachypelma species. i dont know if it is vagans, angustum, sabulusom or epicureanum. please help me id
jeeze, how can people put such wrong Ids on spiders they sell. Yes it looks very much like a Brachypelma, and no, you are unlikely to ever know which species it is. Wait until it gets bigger, then consider vagans or verdezi will be most likely rough identifications.
I email sir rick west and told me that it was look like a brachypelma kahlenbergi, well if it is kahlenbergi then I am lucky because it is more expensive than striatipes.. I cant blame the seller since it was only shipped in our country.. tnx sjl
No prob. Its difficult to tell as i think its only a juvenile, am i right? Wait until its bigger, kahlenbergi is possible, and should keep a light or copper colour carapace when bigger. I think its more likely to be verdezi though, so might get a black triangle on the carapace. some varients of verdezi dont get the black triangle though. I think better to just have Brachypelma sp though, rather than falsely apply kahlenbergi or verdezi etc onto it.

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