Please Help Identify

Please Help Identify

I'm new to spiders plz help identify this guy for me. Thanks in advance :) I love its pattern
erm, not very common i should say. your looking AT LEAST £200 for an adult female. quite a find. how did you obtain it?
Not mine I posted this just to find out the sp so I could try to find one. Thanks alot tho guys! Is it a beginner sp? I keep many snakes and scorps and have a pretty good knowledge of them. By no means a great tho
Well they are said to be one of the calmest poecilotheria, but they are really fast. And a bite from one of those is an unpleasant experience to say the least. handling for sure. And I don't think that this is a spider recomended for a beginner.
mine are THE MOST defensive of all my pokies! my 4" female chases you right out of the enclosure if you annoy her
They can be calm or they can be mean. However you have to be able to provide an arboreal enclosure and more heat and humidity than your average LPS T, plus they're fast as greased lightning when they want to be. Some also like to hide most of the time.
If you want a beautiful blue spider that is beginner level, try any of the avic. sp.
- Avicularia metallica
-Avicularia versicolor
- Avicularia avicularia

Also tree species but not nearly as defensive as pokies (no gaurantees as all individuals are different!)

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