Loxosceles Reclusa
Wow lol . Thanks guys. I definitely didn't expect to wake up to 11 notifications on this one . Of course there's no problem with slings, I just wasn't ready for reclusa slings . I have no clue how to properly house them and I don't know if I even want to . I don't need 100 skin rotting slings in my house .

@NYAN , I'm not concerned about the sac being upside down, she has spent most of her time in my care upside down so I'm assuming it's normal. What I didn't know was that she was going to bury it under sub. When I checked on her this morning the sac wasn't there and I had to look at the picture I took last night just to confirm that I wasn't imagining it. As for wanting them ... yes and no . I do want to experience slings but not this species . At the same time it's been below freezing here in the Midwest so I don't want to just throw them outside. Sooooooo that's where my problem starts.
@animaliaadvocate216 Housing for them is very easy, put them in the smallest container you possibly can. As for skin rotting, slings won't be able to pierce your skin even if they did want to bite, so you've got nothing to worry about there.
@Greasylake well that's a relief . Now for a few questions . How long do I have until they hatch . I know lycos carry theirs but I'm assuming the reclusa won't . As far as cannibalism goes , do I need to separate the slings individually?

And finally, is it legal to sell L. reclusas?
If so, do I have any takers :)?

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