Here is the before pic off my little house spider. Before it eat a whole cricket! :)
@BCspiderman7 i will do a better zoom pic next time :) right now, its still laying still with its big but! Hehe. But its alive. Not gonna feed it aigen until its abdomen is back to normal :)
@BCspiderman7 wow! Thats so cool. I wonder how big i can get mine in one year :D i know it will maximum grow to 10 cm in legspan, but mabey i can make it grow bigger :D we dont have crickets here in my country. So i wonder how it effect eating crickets that are big and juciy ;) hehe. Did you found out what spider it is you got?
@Malaric If you click on my photo, it will take you to the original post I made with what I said and other people's comment too. It seems to be a Callobius severus. Known to be found here in Canada and the USA.

It is a cool little spider that acts like a trap door spider. See the white, round, plastic cup behind it? It webbed most of the top of that cup and sits with just a tiny bit of its front legs sticking out. Always ready to pounce on anything that walks by its home. :) It is a very skitish spider and hides everytime I open the lid to give is a tiny bit of water or food.
Awesome man :D what do you feed it with?? Im from denmark. We dont have alot off big insect or anything like that. But this house spider i got is a true killing machine :D its very fast and also very skitish. It webs the ground all over and just waiting for something to walk on the web :) spiders pretty cool i would say. We just dont got that many kinds here.
@Malaric Yes I live across from the mainland of BC where the city of Vancouver sits. I live on Vancouver Island. On the south western side along its coast. Lots of great salmon and other fishing. If you like hiking on mountains or in rain forest or beaches by the ocean.....it is a cool place to visit and live. :)

I feed this house spider small meal worm. One little worm keeps it happy for many months.

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