Avicularia ID Request [2/2]

Avicularia ID Request [2/2]

Can someone please help me identify this one avic please? Someone said its a Avicularia juruensis morphotype # 2 but im still not sure? If anyone has any idea can you please let me know!
Juruensis M2. As for what species it was before... It's anyone's guess I think. @CEC knows the genus much better than I do.
@Julianj92 there were a few different species that were all reclassified as one morphotype of one species with the 2017 revision of the genus by Fukushima. huriana, sp Peru purple (a undescribed hobby species), urticans "purple", and basically any other very large purple Avicularia I'm forgetting. They were all moved to A juruensis morphotype #2. I don't think they should be bred together as I'm kinda a purist when it comes to my spiders and I don't want my favorite genus hybridized. Thus, my comment on how I can't tell what exact species it was before, but am 99.9999% sure it falls under the A juruensis M2 label.

Common names are pretty useless.. you can make one up honestly. Same value. There's no universally accepted common name for the morphotype. Giant purple pink toe I'd assume.

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