1.0 H. chilensis
Seriously? 3 moults in 2 years and what do I get? This is the first male I'm kinda upset about... I had dearly wished it was a girl. :( Finding a girl for him when he matures will be next to impossible. What a pity!
@Thekla Love the coloration on this species. It is unfortunate he ended up being a male but alas, enjoy him while you can!
Aww no, I feel for you! :sorry: He does look lovely though, and you still have some time with him (maybe quite a lot considering their molt cycles :p).
I almost wanted to cry when my unsexed chilensis was suddenly a mature male, haha. I guess whispering to him about your little one having molted worked all too well :rofl:
@WolfSoon This has all the markings of a conspiracy... :alien All those male H. chilensis, I bet they want world domination! :wideyed:

I'm sorry yours turned out male as well. :sorry:

@Androxian Of course, I'll enjoy him. He's such a cutie. :kiss: And who knows, maybe I'll manage to find him a girlfriend. Fingers crossed. :D
I feel ya - I had four spiderlings and every single one of them ended up male. It is very disappointing. Fortunately, one of our dealers did import some sexed females and I paid a huge amount for mine. Three mature males + two mature females = NO egg sac last year and all my breeding hopes are being placed on my one remaining freshly matured male. I even bought an incubator to cool them. If this doesn't work, I am going to just give up on this whole breeding thing.
@VanessaS Oh gosh! That's really bad luck. :( I keep my fingers crossed for your last male! :)
I also had hoped to breed this species, but now, I'm not so sure anymore. I mean I could get slings. There's actually someone here in Germany selling slings right now, but I doubt I've got the stomach to wait another 5 or 10 years. :p

I guess I'll be concentrating my breeding efforts on my dart frogs for now as it seems they could actually be a boy and a girl. :astonished:

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