1. Homoeomma chilensis Adult Female

    Homoeomma chilensis Adult Female

    Well, it seems that the pairing of both my females was a bust... again. I paired them in the fall, cooled them over December - February, warmed, fed, and watered them through March, and they certainly don't look gravid. I'm crushed.
  2. Homoeomma chilensis sling

    Homoeomma chilensis sling

    One of my H chilensis slings moulted for the 4th time and has taken down a roach for the first time ever. Here a pic to show its growth.
  3. 0.1 Homoeomma chilensis

    0.1 Homoeomma chilensis

    Siryn rocking her new suit.
  4. Homoeomma chilensis

    Homoeomma chilensis

  5. 0.1 MF H. chilensis, 3.25" [2/2]

    0.1 MF H. chilensis, 3.25" [2/2]

    For reference: mature female Homoeomma chilensis
  6. 0.1 MF H. chilensis, 3.25" [1/2]

    0.1 MF H. chilensis, 3.25" [1/2]

    For reference: mature female Homoeomma chilensis
  7. H. chilensis

    H. chilensis

  8. Homoeomma chilensis [molt sexing]

    Homoeomma chilensis [molt sexing]

    Homoeomma chilensis, juvenile suspected female.
  9. Homoeomma chilensis Successful Pairing

    Homoeomma chilensis Successful Pairing

    He made a couple of quick insertions, then came back and did a couple more longer ones. I really hope that was good enough. One female down and one to go.
  10. 0.1 Homeoemma chilensis

    0.1 Homeoemma chilensis

    Looking a little dull, she's definitely due for a molt
  11. 0.1 Homoeomma chilensis

    0.1 Homoeomma chilensis

    Siryn being all pretty and stuff.
  12. 1.0 H. chilensis

    1.0 H. chilensis

    Seriously? 3 moults in 2 years and what do I get? This is the first male I'm kinda upset about... I had dearly wished it was a girl. :( Finding a girl for him when he matures will be next to impossible. What a pity!
  13. Freshly moulted H. chilensis

    Freshly moulted H. chilensis

    The miracle did happen... it moulted! Unfortunately, it stashed its moult at the far end of its burrow, so, I still don't have a clue if it's a girl or a boy. Maybe it'll bring it out, but I don't get my hopes up. And if it does bring it out, it's probably completely destroyed... like the last time.
  14. Homoeomma chilensis

    Homoeomma chilensis

    My 1.5” female Homoeomma chilensis
  15. Homoeomma chilensis ~2.5" susp. Male

    Homoeomma chilensis ~2.5" susp. Male

    I have been thinking Male due to how fast he has been growing. Anyone care to weigh in?
  16. Homoeomma chilensis Mature Male

    Homoeomma chilensis Mature Male

    I've been keeping an eye on this little dude, since his brother tried that post ultimate moult horror. He's doing really well.
  17. Peach Freshly Molted

    Peach Freshly Molted

    Peach, my Euathlus sp. red, or I guess it's Homoeomma chillensis now, a few hours after molting.
  18. H. Chilensis

    H. Chilensis

    Freshly molted, finally showing some color
  19. H. Chilensis

    H. Chilensis

    Just got him today and he’s so inquisitive right away, also grabbed a nice sized cricket right away...
  20. H. Chilensis

    H. Chilensis