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How did you find Arachnoboards?

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by ilovebugs, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. JohnR

    JohnR Arachnopeon

    After I got my first 2 Ts from Repticon, I went online and Google for T forum sites and this site came first on the search result... Been a lurker for few weeks, just learning and getting more T knowledge, and finally decided to intro myself the other day
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  2. TylerFishman5675

    TylerFishman5675 Arachnosquire

    by Looking for info on jumping spiders :D
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  3. Swede Baboon

    Swede Baboon Baboons are life

    Well ... i saw someone mention AB
    on terrariedjur.se (swedish site for reptiles/spiders and whatnot)
    Decided to check it out and been lurking here since.... ;)
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  4. ShyDragoness

    ShyDragoness Arachnoknight Active Member

    from basin79 on RFUK
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  5. Haavard

    Haavard Arachnopeon Active Member

    In a comment section on youtube, I read about the horrible, arrogant, knowitall, elite over here. Its one of the less flattering things about human nature, called jealousy. This always happen when someone creates something truly valuable like this place.

    Of course, when googling spider related stuff, Arachnoboards always appears among the hits.
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  6. Caprica19

    Caprica19 Arachnopeon

    I was interested in getting a tarantula. A lot of my questions were answered here.
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  7. miss moxie

    miss moxie Arachnoprince

    What, I didn't prove to you how horrible, arrogant, knowitall, and elite we are yet?

    Gotta crank my sass dial up, I'm doing an awful job!
  8. Haavard

    Haavard Arachnopeon Active Member

    Someone new will come along, for you to welcome in, and my sore bottom will heal in time;)
  9. Chuck131

    Chuck131 Arachnopeon Active Member

    I did a Google search (can I feed baby scorpions meal worms) and this board was in the list. There was another board but it is running scripts so I don't go there anymore.:D
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  10. sharkfiend

    sharkfiend Arachnopeon

    I have recently become infatuated with the Taranchula hobby. I research immensely and watch YouTube videos daily. Upon watching The Dark Den channel, I came across a DIY video for an eclosure that was originally posted via arachnoboards. The link was provided and so, here I am.

  11. eggcellent

    eggcellent Arachnopeon

    I found this via a google search.
    I was looking for a place to get help with a baby spiderling I won from an expo. While I used to raise orbs and other kinds of spiders as a kid, I am not that familiar with tarantulas haha
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  12. Miss310

    Miss310 Arachnopeon

    Simple Google search for tarantula forum
  13. poptarts

    poptarts Arachnopeon

    Google search is how i fou d this great place. I used it to help me with my first T, a rose hair i named aburame. I have returned to this wonderful place in the hopes i can get some help with my new goliath bird eater, shino.
  14. MiCks023

    MiCks023 Arachnopeon

    Before starting with the hobby i've googled on best beginner T's and got here via Tom Moran and vogelspinnenforum.nl
  15. CAZoghbi

    CAZoghbi Arachnopeon

    AB was an easy find on the internet concerning tarantula husbandry.
  16. Dents

    Dents Arachnopeon

    I found the forum after watching a few youtubers.
  17. JillGig

    JillGig Arachnopeon

    Every time I google a question..this site pops up first.. ;-)
  18. Long time scorpion lover, found this looking for more info on my latest addition, Texas big-Bend digging scorp
  19. Noah Loiselle

    Noah Loiselle Arachnopeon

    I found the Youtube channel Dark Den a few weeks ago and have been fascinated and hooked so to speak ever since. I found out about the forum when Petko, (the channels owner and creator) mentionned it and decided to sign up right then and there.
  20. Queen Isabella

    Queen Isabella Arachnopeon

    I was referred here in search of T. P. Known as philth on here. Can anyone help me find him please. I would like to talk to him before it's too cold.