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Who molted today?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by T Frank, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Chris_Skeleton

    Chris_Skeleton Arachnoprince

    So I hope this thread can become a long, ever growing one. If you have a spider molt, post it here the day it happens. I think it would be cool to see how many people can have a spider or spiders molt the same day.

    So let's hear it. Who molted today?

    P. irmina

    Was showing signs, was still up and about today around noon. I walked back into my room at 4 and it had already finished a molt.

    Went from ~1.5" to 2". I'll add exact measurements later.

    This past week:
    L. parahybana - 6.5" to 7.25"
    H. lividum - No clue how much size gained
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  2. synic

    synic Arachnosquire

    One more molt and he/she will probably be all adult colored :D

    Had my ~.5" Versi molt 2 days ago. I swear she didn't grow more than a millimeter, but I guess I'll see when she finally comes out of her funnel. They look super cool right after molting... light blue body, red fangs (and mouth area).
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  3. captmarga

    captmarga Arachnobaron

    I have 90 Ts... I have molts every week. None today, but 5 over the weekend and 3 yesterday...

    Includes my 6.5" pulchripes female from Haplofool, a 2i to 3i sling, a faciatum, 2 vagans. One of my communal boys (P. formosas) also molted and is well over 4" DLS. I record them all on my T log, otherwise, I cannot keep up with them all!

    I love Irminias... one of mine molted again recently and is going to have to be rehoused... again.

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  4. Mattybofmd

    Mattybofmd Arachnosquire

    yesterday G.Rosea 2 in male molted
    today P.rufi 2.5 still unsexed destroyed molt
    today A.Metallica 4 in female
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  5. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    Had a H. lividum pitch its exuvium out today. Not sure when it actually molted. Size: Ummm, bigger? {D

    In the past week:
    Two H. lividum, size unknown
    One B. boehmei ~1.5"
    One B. emelia ~1.25"
    Two B. emelia ~2.0"
    One B. vagans ~1.5"
    One GBB ~2.0"
    One LP ~4.0"
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  6. synyster

    synyster Arachnobaron

    Had a .5" LP sling molt today.

    Past week:
    P.regalis - 2"
    H.maculata - 1.85"
    A.versicolor - 1.75"
    A.avicularia - 1.25"
    A.avicularia - 1.5"
    P.murinus - 3.5"
  7. FrostyCakee

    FrostyCakee Arachnosquire

    my mexican redknee sling just molted today :]]
  8. RoseT

    RoseT Arachnosquire

    I had my 2" P. metallica molt yesterday...grew a whole Inch LS easily...Man do these T's grow.. 2nd molt in my care since I got her late april.

    Had a B bohemi molt the same day...and my Pulchripes is already refusing food.
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  9. Scoolman

    Scoolman Arachnolord

    Fantastic idea.
    I can not vouch for the exact molt day but, Three of my G pulchra have surfaced from their hides in the past week. A fourth should be out very soon.
    I have a MF T. stirmi that molted May 31 (exactly 20 weeks from her last molt).
  10. Chris_Skeleton

    Chris_Skeleton Arachnoprince

    Just checked, and one of my Myrmekiaphila sp. trapdoor spiders molted today too.
  11. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    One of my Stromatopelma calceatum slings moulted sometime last night! It was about 2.5cm. I'm not sure how much growth has occured as I can't see the spider. I'll add it later if I get to measure it.

    Great idea Chris! :)
  12. BrynWilliams

    BrynWilliams Arachnoprince

    This week

    A huriana (finally after the longest premoult ever)
    H gigas
    P murinus x 3
    H maculata

    Last week

    L parahybana x 2
    P cambridgei x 2
    P murinus x 4
  13. curiousme

    curiousme Arachnoprince Old Timer

    B. emilia yesterday

    P. cambridgei last week FINALLY!
  14. Had a B albopilosum and A brocklehursti molt yesterday (June 2nd). Within the last week: A metallica, A geniculata, 2 A avics, A juruensis, B emilia, B smithi, hmmm I think that's it. LP is about to pop, and GBB not far behind.
  15. Thegloryfades

    Thegloryfades Arachnosquire

    My L.parahybana is flipped right now hoping I'll be able to sex it, darn thing crumples its molts
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  16. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    my 5"+ female B. vagans molted today, and i saved a A. avic from a pet store today, and when i got it home it was already in the middle of a molt, was hoping it was a boy, sexed it and another female 3 1/4" molt
  17. Thegloryfades

    Thegloryfades Arachnosquire

    Here's the results

  18. My Stent's whistling T (Phlogius sp.) molted sometime between 10pm 06-03-11 and 1am 06-04-11. Haven't retrieved the exuvium or gotten a good look at the spider yet as it molted underneath cover. Got a pic from the entrance to its burrow, you can definitely see the color of fresh sling molt on the legs.

    Attached Files:

  19. Well it probably wasn't today, but inside the last two days my 4-1/2" L. Violaceopes molted out mature at somewhere around 6-1/2" to 7". It was rediculous how much bigger it got. He's still soft, but I got him packed up and dropping him off with a friend to start the breeding cycle!

    Happy to have my first T fully mature, but sad its not a beautiful blue/purple lady :(
  20. Scoolman

    Scoolman Arachnolord

    Just received 3 C. ritae about 1.25" each, yestrday. Cr1 molted late last night or early this morning.
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