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solifugids actually lives longer than we think

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by Randolph XX(), Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Trailblazr80

    Trailblazr80 Arachnosquire


    We just got a solifugid at the museum and I've fed it with forceps. It's fun! I also just saw one recently at Griffith Park.

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  2. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    Arrrrgh! I was just about to make a macro video of her, and she was dead!

    I was doing so well, too! Had her since last year and she wasnt mature yet. Man these things are hard to raise!

    I was able to get her to molt, and she got used to captivity, i had everything just right! I guess this weather was just too much for her or something.

    Man right when my field crickets hatched, too!

    RIP :( sucks so much! I got attached to this one X(
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  3. NorthEdge

    NorthEdge Arachnopeon

    That sucks. Are you planning on trying again? Since they are native to your area, why not try a few different methods at once?

    Try a communal one for example, maybe being around others will reduce the stress it experiences and increase the likelihood of being able to breed them.
  4. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    I'm pretty sure it was the hot dry air that killed her. I lost a few others due to the heat, all five of my jerusalem crickets, and a few trues. My field cricket pinheads are doing well, though.

    Im still pretty distraught over this, because i put so much effort and time into it, so discouraging!
  5. NorthEdge

    NorthEdge Arachnopeon

    Wow that sucks. I imagine the jerusalem crickets will be the hardest to replace. Do you have a basement? That'll probably have a more stable climate than the other places in your house. At least you know what went wrong though, that's a lot more encouraging for the feasibility of long term care than mysterious sudden death.
  6. I just read this entire thread over. I am getting one in a few days, its from Colorado and is about an inch long. I keep reading things like 'too dry' and stuff like that. Should I keep it somewhat humid?

    And also, do I need to put them in a colder place for when they hibernate or what? I read somewhere about putting them in a fridge.
  7. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    Yay! Love the CO solpugids! Kept many over the years. You could always mist a small part of the substrate in one corner to give it some options. I think I remember offering a very small dish of water with a cotton ball.
  8. Ok, that's what I was looking for! Thanks! :)
  9. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    well colorado is a dry area. the solifugid i had was from coastal socal. we get santa ana winds which are very hot and dry, but most of the year the humidity is around 40% during the day, and 60% at night.

    she was in a small container, and dried out.
  10. Do you have any info regarding hibernation? Will they just 'go to sleep' at room temp and wake up when they are ready? Could I give it a tiny water bowl?
  11. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    When it dips below 50 they become sluggish and enter diapause, we dont use a heater in our home, so emulating the natural temp cycles is simple for me.
  12. So I have to make it dip below 50? Would a fridge work? Do I just take them out in spring or what? I am gathering as much info as I can :)
  13. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    A fridge could work, but you dont wanna freeze them lol

    I just let it happen naturally, place it in a colder room
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  14. I don't really have a colder room though lol. I will find a way though.
  15. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    Mine diapaused at low 60's and became active again several months later.
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  16. Do you know what low temperatures will kill them?
  17. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    i dont, though mine survived through low 40's
  18. Ok, I finally have one coming. It should be here Saturday. I just cant think how I could get the diapause right.
  19. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking Active Member

    if the temps are below 55 degrees, it'll happen. No need to refrigerate it. just let it happen on its own. It's almost winter, it should cool down soon.
  20. Ok, the only thing that worries me is last year it got 8 degree Fahrenheit outside and they say this year its supposed to be a lot worse. I know in the wild they have very deep burrows which would insulate them a little but obviously it wont have it to that extent. If I bring it in, it will warm back up and awake again?
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