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So I made an application...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by tisha, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnogeek Arachnosupporter

    When I download a picture off of the internet its stored in the dowloaded file of the devices picture gallery. Then when I choose it through the tarantula app it moves it to the apps picture files and its no longer in the devices gallery (doesn't leave copy)
    The crop function will not let me choose from the apps picture files or crop the existing picture being used for that tarantula, Square crop is fine by me.
  2. OK, you mean the app deletes the picture selected? This is weird hmmmm.
    I haven't encountered this on all my test devices/emulators.
    You are using the option "Change with cropper" right?

    It will not allow you to crop existing pictures from within the app, you'll have to use "Change with cropper", choose a new picture from your phone's gallery or take a new picture via a camera app, then it'll allow you to crop that new picture.
  3. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnogeek Arachnosupporter

    Yes it deletes or rather moves the original rather than making a copy,
    that was stored in my devices download gallery file.
    Since they are all now in my apps "all pictures" file
    and the crop function will not give me that choice or to crop the current picture or one from the apps picture file for the chosen tarantula
    I would have to start over
  4. I'll have to check that one, I'm not sure why the original picture is being deleted, it shouldn't be like that unless taken from the camera app.
    You can actually export the existing pictures via the app's gallery, you can then use them to change the tarantula pictures.
  5. bryverine

    bryverine Arachnoangel

    This app is awesome! I've been using excel for awhile with a table I made, but this is far better!

    Very easy to pick up and use with many great features.

    Sorry if it's already in the app and I just haven't seen it, but it would be cool if there was a way to chart the data from within (like molt dates)... though maybe that's not really a widely desired feature. It would just be nifty to see what kind of molt rate each spider has in comparison with each other. E.g. the time between my B. smithi molts is fairly close to exponential.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2016
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  6. dmahaffie

    dmahaffie Arachnopeon

    I've heard wonderful things about your program. Any chance it will be available for apple devices or available on computer?
  7. Version 2.07.05 is now available for download!
    Updates and Fixes:
    » (BETA) Add 'Change with cropper (free)' menu option for changing picture.
    » Moved Cyriopagopus schioedtei to Omothymus.
    » Moved Lampropelma violaceopes to Omothymus.
    » Moved Haplopelma species to Cyriopagopus.
    » Moved Oligoxystre species to Dolichothele.
    » Moved Holothele incei to Neoholothele.
    » Added Neoholothele fasciaaurinigra.
    » Some UI adjustments.
    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/ or from Google Play
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  8. Sorry for the late reply... I haven't been receiving notification emails since the site update/move.

    Thanks! I'm not sure how to do this but I'll look into it.

    So sorry, I don't have the time and resources yet to study and make the app for iOS. :(
  9. bryverine

    bryverine Arachnoangel

  10. !!!
    Woooo! Yur like a rock star,tisha!
    Found your app right when I increased to a lot of T's-computer geek,trs-80 style,but cellphone-stubborn. App is easy to understand,couldn't imagine the days when most of the people had to do it on pen and paper or in their heads.
    Awesome,just awesome-did I see that you've only been keeping T's a short while? (Checked-Ya,a year before me,to the month). The hobby is lucky you found it!
    Thank you for an amazing app!
  11. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    I downloaded this yesterday and just wanted to say that I am super happy with it.
  12. It's really great-Names/Dates pics as you add them to a specific T,like a timeline.
    If you have a lot of T's,takes a while to set up,but is because it knows/keeps up with sooo much.
    Again,couldn't imagine T keeping without this app,seriously.
  13. Haksilence

    Haksilence Bad At Titles Arachnosupporter

    Started using today, excellent tool. Now I can throw away this crummy notebook I've been using as a logbook
  14. ophidia

    ophidia Arachnopeon

    Great app. I put my snakes in there too so I can track their feedings/sheddings as well :).
  15. Thanks, I'll take a look at it. :)

    Thank you! I've been keeping Ts for almost 3 years now. Not that long in the hobby :)

    Glad you liked it! :)

    Hehehe thanks! :)

    I use it also for my one and only scorp. ;)
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  16. stevoblue

    stevoblue Arachnopeon

    @tisha I love your App? You should charge for it. I have one suggestion for the feeding notifications. When I have a spider that misses a meal I usualy wait a week to try again. Some spiders a little less. Can the feeding notification reminders be customied?

  17. stevoblue

    stevoblue Arachnopeon

  18. Thank you! I'm happy that you like the app.
    I'm not really thinking of charging for the app since most of what's in it are from users' inputs and request. :)
    There is a field in the settings page where you can set the number of days to repeat the notification. I hope this works for you. :)
  19. bryverine

    bryverine Arachnoangel

    Have you thought about adding an 'unsuccessful feeding attempt' or 'food refusal' date in with the feeding log?

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but it might help if you could select 'refused food' that way the app direct give notices and display hungry for a tarantula that didn't want food yet.

    A 'postpone feeding' option could have the same benefits. Anyone else think this might be useful?
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  20. I've been thinking of these feature since the first time someone asked for it. Unfortunately I still can't think of an easy way to apply it to the app because to do so, I'll have to make a lot of changes on different parts of the codes since the feed date is being used in multiple parts of the app. :)
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