Shipping Accountability


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Oct 4, 2002
As a dealer, I can say that it doesn't matter HOW well I pack a box... If it's left in 20 degree or 110 degree weather on someone's doorstep for hours at the mercy of the elements, the invertebrates will cease to live. Same thing goes for a 'lost' package left on a loading dock overnight, or in the most extreme cases, damaged or smashed boxes.

Insulated boxes, heatpacks, good deli cup packing... I can spend hours packing and it can only do so much when boxes are subjected to grossly negligent mishandling.

And yes, you CAN complain. I've complained to Airborne Express about my shipments before. They do not expressly forbid livestock at this time, and they will make good on shipments when proper insurance and claims are filed.


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I have to say Mr.Internet made his point, and i have to agree with him. It really does depend on how well the shipper packs up the t's. BTW- we will see when you get your versicolor! hehe!
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