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Scorpion Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by fusion121, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Any idea on the gender of my olive Keeled flatrock hasn't molted in 5 years so I assume she's full grown

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  2. Will need a picture of the pectines (the little brush things under the scorpion). You can sex it by counting the pectine teeth. You can get the counts on the internet. :)
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  3. Buthoscorpio

    Buthoscorpio Arachnopeon

    Uropectes triangulifer

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  4. Buthoscorpio

    Buthoscorpio Arachnopeon

    Orthochirus glabrifrons[​IMG]

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  5. THR

    THR Arachnosquire

    certainly not a parabuthus, u can see it from the side of its metasoma,doesnt has that much stripes.its more likely a Androctonus, probably australis
  6. pannaking22

    pannaking22 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    I see what you mean, I'd probably call it Androctonus too.
  7. JoshBC

    JoshBC Arachnosquire

    Androctonus Australis Hector freshly molted to 5i 20180718_204425.jpg
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  8. Euscorpius

    Euscorpius Arachnopeon

    Some of my Italian scorpions:

    Euscorpius italicus 0.2
    38197336_2100290393317098_9108003825100259328_n.jpg 38013393_2100268683319269_771085026363179008_n.jpg 38217138_2100268743319263_6290037045884616704_n.jpg

    Euscorpius germanus
    38200150_2100268813319256_5186314017991294976_n.jpg 38227574_2100268836652587_1793876142957002752_n.jpg
    females eating

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  9. CWilson1351

    CWilson1351 Arachnobaron

    New arrivals today courtesy of @Scorpionluva Some R. junceus
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  10. BoyFromLA

    BoyFromLA ‎٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Arachnosupporter

    • Hadrurus arizonensis



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  11. Farbones

    Farbones Arachnopeon Active Member

    Here's a rare look and terrible picture of Kubo, my chubby AFS.
    I was super excited to wake up halfway through the night and find her roaming!

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  12. Euscorpius

    Euscorpius Arachnopeon

    A new addition to my Italian scorpion collection!
    Not the usual black color, and I know she hasn't moulted recently.
    Euscorpius sp. cf. germanus
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  13. johnnyjohnjon

    johnnyjohnjon Arachnoprince Old Timer

    not sure if this is going to work or not but V. carolinianus
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  14. BladeGypsy

    BladeGypsy Arachnoknight

    Pandinus imperator
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  15. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    Playing with some macro photography ... A.A. Hector
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  16. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    Leiurus Haenggii macro shot

    F9090948-4301-46F7-ADCE-48583263132B.jpeg 53EA2DF3-8DBC-4350-92C5-4730ED458825.jpeg
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  17. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    P. Pallidus Orange
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  18. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    Parabuthus Schlecteri

    0F05A348-B55B-4B4D-B3A9-F77BCF67A4F1.jpeg 83CB0E31-FCD6-451D-A266-26BC3C303331.jpeg D4F4E363-5E55-415E-B4DE-3E2B9DBE3DAF.jpeg
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  19. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    Leiurus Hebreaus Orange

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  20. Deadly1

    Deadly1 Deadliest of Them All Old Timer

    Leiurus Macroctenus

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