Sazimai Blue temperament?


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May 28, 2006
Those are probably a little too big for 3/4 inch slings. Something smaller would probably be a little better, but like you said sometimes the size of a sling isn't exactly what I picture in my mind when I read the description. Those enclosures will be perfect at some point. The biggest hazard with larger enclosures is that the sling will feel exposed to potential predators and might be more anxious or defensive than usual. Some keepers claim their slings won't eat as well in an enclosure that's too big, or that they burrow and stay hidden all the time, or that they are more prone to kick hairs and throw threat poses. Basically, they tend to behave more defensively.

As a rule, I move spiders to new enclosures when the enclosure is less than double the spider's leg span. I actually go a little more by feel than that; if the T seems to have trouble fitting into the hide, or if it's trying to burrow deeper than the enclosure, or basically if it just doesn't seem to have enough space to be comfortable, then it's time for a new enclosure. For most of my Ts, it's better to keep it in a slightly small enclosure rather than move it into something too big.

The vertical space is a different issue. As a rule of thumb, for terrestrial Ts, the space between the top of the substrate and the lid of the enclosure should't be more than 1.5x the DLS of the spider (diagonal leg span). For 3/4 inch slings, there should only be about an inch or so of space. It's different for arboreal spiders. I haven't had any issues with spiders falling and getting hurt, but I've seen a disappointing number of forum posts from keepers who have.

I'm sort of an anxious person, and I'm always worried about having enclosures the right size when I get new spiders, so I actually have a whole bookshelf full of different sizes and styles of enclosures ready to go. Then again, I also have a hard time not buying new spiders when I see a good deal on something pretty, so I probably buy new spiders far more often than I should.


Jan 2, 2021
thanks for that info Scooter , I don't want to increase any defensiveness or slow feeding response.
I seeem to have a tendancy to the Bigger is Better attitude .
So i'll try to keep these in more appropriately sized housling and save the larger boxes for later.