North East US Centipedes


Old Timer
Oct 20, 2006
The cute little red things that are underneath every single rock and log you pick up (in NY anyway)... the other day I grabbed six of them, have them in a small KK with dirt, rocks, bottlecap for water, etc. Don't plan on keeping them for too long, just to watch for a while really. They don't seem to mind huddling together.

I only had very large crickets so I gave them two "cricket drumsticks" and watched them chew them up a bit. Should I try feeding them small live crickets, or dead ones? Anything else I should try?

Has anyone kept these to see how long they generally live? I might try and see if I can keep some for the whole summer.

What I *really* want to get my hands on is a house centipede though, those guys are vicious {D


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
those do sound like stone centipedes

actually, for their size, stoners are the most vicious cents i have ever kept. they will tackle prey that grossly outweighs them :D

depending on species and conditions they reach sexual maturity in something like 3-5 years! some species can live well over 5 years.

they will eat live prey, freshly killed, or scavenge partially rotting corpses. i expect you can get them to eat a variety of human prepared meats (i.e. ground beef etc)

they dehydrate VERY fast, so you need a fairly low ventilation cage or you need to arrange things so that part of the cage stays decently humid.

i raised a baby i captive hatched myself and it was just a little over a centimeter long after over a year!