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New OBT strikes a pose

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Moltar, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    So i met yesterday with another AB member who is cleaning house to make some money for a car. I got 2 OBT's, an H gigas, P striata and then a nice looking juvie seemani as a freebie. Enclosures included too. With OBT's who are ready to be rehoused though that's not necessarily a good thing in retrospect...

    I know they're pretty common but i love P murinus, they are one spider that acts just like they look. Fiery and angry... Grrrr!

    So i get home and the 4" OBT is posing right there on top of her house. Here's a pic just for kicks! Everybody else was hiding.

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2007
  2. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    Congrats on the new additions!!! That is a very beautiful OBT!!
  3. desertdweller

    desertdweller Arachnoprince

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thanks for the picture. All I see of mine is cork bark. Or my OBT on his back legs showing me his underside. LOL
  4. I am glad you are enjoying your new additions! :) (And thanks for your contribution to the new car fund!) :D
  5. bakaichi

    bakaichi Arachnoknight Old Timer

    i never see my OBT anymore ....always hidding

    but its a beauty ~
  6. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    Beautiful! After my c.crawshayi arrives (hopefully today!) & gets settled in thats what I am going to get next. OBT's are little pitbulls & I am thinking of buying 4-5 slings in hopes I can snag a female:D !
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