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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Rabid Flea

    Rabid Flea Arachnobaron Old Timer

    My name is Jeff, (everyone calls me JeKo). I live in Tarzana, CA which is part of Los Angeles. I moved here a year ago with my boyfriend of soon to be 5 years. We decided to come to california because he is deaf and I wanted to come out here to attend California State University Northridge to get my degree in sign language interpreting. In the middle of all that, I got into scorpions and Ts really quick.
    Oh I forgot to say im 26, born in North Carolina, grew up in Florida, now I live in Los Angeles, go figure. Anyway, just thought I would post a lil about me... {D
  2. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    My name is Becca. I'm a 24 year old math and science teacher from Georgia, USA. I'm married and have two children, Joshua (almost 5) and Brooklyn (almost 2).

    I've lived in the South all my life and am anxiously awaiting the day when I'll be able to head north.
  3. ManiacCts

    ManiacCts Arachnopeon


    Hey peeps whats going on. My name is Chase. I live in Missouri. It is my First time here. I have a coasta rican zebra Tarantula, she is about 2' long. She has made me very interested in tarantula's, I have been looking in to breeding and selling them but have had some trouble finding information on selling them. That is why I am here.
  4. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    Neat thread....
    Tony (obviously) and I have over 150 T's...I really dont know the official #, nor am I inclined to find out...Been Keeping T's (in this phase) for 7+ years or so...Worlds different than the mid 80's phase or even the early 90's phasei...Man the hobby has truly come out of the stone ages since the early 90's ...
    (married, one kid)
  5. lta3398

    lta3398 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Hello, all. My name is Deni. I am 30 years old, and I live in West Palm Beach, FL, with my husband, 2 kids, and literally a HOUSEFUL of pets. I am the general manager for a metal refinishing plant. I enjoy reading and football in addition to collecting my pets. I keep everything from my beloved T's to gerbils, and that leaves ALOT in between!
  6. chazz

    chazz Arachnopeon

    Hello there!!

    My name is Rudi. I´m from Denmark(europe)
    I´m 26 years old.
    This is my list of animals.

    0.0.31 Poecilotheria ornata
    0,1,0 Poecilotheria regalis
    1.2.1 Poecilotheria formosa
    0.0.3 Poecilotheria miranda
    1.1.0 Poecilotheria fasciata
    1.1.1 Poecilotheria rufilata
    1.2.36 Poecilotheria pedernseni
    0.1.1 Poecilotheria Striata
    0.0.1 Poecilotheria subfusca

    2.3.0 Haplopelma schmidti(yellow)

    0.0.1 Cyriopagopus sp blå
    1.1.0 Cyriopagopus schioedtei

    0.1.0 Lampropelma violaceopes

    1.0.0 Stromatopelma calceatum
    0.0.4 Heteroscodra maculata

    I do not have so many tarantulas any more because i don´t have the time.

    Rudi Skafsgaard
  7. Schlyne

    Schlyne Arachnoangel Old Timer

    First off, I'm a chick. Apparently the name throws everybody off. I'm 25 and an electrical engineer. I have around 30 tarantula's at this time (expect the number to go up). I also have a bunch of snakes (mostly pythons), 1 cat, and scorpions. If you want the exact listing go digging in the "what I keep" threads.

    I bred crested geckos for a short time, but decided to get out of keeping lizards
    I will be breeding ball pythons as soon as my guys grow up :wicked:
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2005
  8. jtablerd

    jtablerd Arachnopeon

    ^^ wow...thats an awesome collection...

    im...not a chick..just a rosie and a wild caught brown recluse for not...waitin and wonderin if im headed for one of the larger aborreal T's or a couple of `pedes...well you guys'll see plenty of me in the future askin questions...names john btw 23yrs old..
  9. nightbreed

    nightbreed Arachnobaron Old Timer

    my names Jamie I'm 30, married with two kids third due any minute, my wife is overdue and contracting as I type, waiting till they get five mins apart then we're gonna call an ambulance, wish us luck :D
    I have seventeen T's at the mo and getting more next week :D
  10. MyNameHere

    MyNameHere Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Or at least to 'blue' state, right? ;) I know the pain.

    Oh, I guess I should do some kind of introduction. I'm Homero. :)

    Have a day.
  11. BlkCat

    BlkCat Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I am Gena. I am 25. I am a nursing student at USM Coast Campus. I live in Gulfport MS. I have a b/f and a 9 year old daughter.
    I originally came to arachnoboards because my A. versi was acting weird. Despite everyone's efforts, he couldnt be saved. :(
    I became a member in Nov 2004. Its an addictive place. :D Since then I have a collection of 16 Ts and I plan to get more. They are just part of the zoo. I have 4 cats, 4 rabbits, a beta, and an Alaskan Malemute. Gotta Love my babies!!
  12. TimV

    TimV Arachnosquire Old Timer

  13. Steven Gielis

    Steven Gielis Arachnoknight Old Timer


    I am new here! Steven like my already mentions... I am from Belgium, Europe. Student aand to much busy with all kind of animals...


  14. galeogirl

    galeogirl Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Hi, I'm Galeogirl (aka Paige). I've been keeping inverts for several years. I love OW ts and have a special interest in African species.

    When I'm not being all nerdy about my pets, I'm being nerdy about culinary alchemy and books and my various projects. Paralegal/entrepreneur/supermommy.
  15. Bluethunder

    Bluethunder Arachnopeon

    Hello to All!

    I am a newbie to this board...but not to my favorite "critters". I have always been fasinated by spiders, herps, bugs etc. I live just outside of Los Angeles, CA. My current stock is 1 blue tounge skink and my "prize" an adult T. Blondi. She is a real killer and chows down on mice like they were gumdrops. I got this beauty from a garbage man for BFI. Believe it or not, he found it in a dumpster about a year ago. It had been there at least several weeks...still living in the broken terrarium that was it's home. It has had 2 molts since then and is about 8 inches. I paid the garbage man 10 bucks for it. She is very healthy now and impressive. Look for me to post a pic of it in the near future.
  16. Hello

    Hi... im emily known as taceht, im 29... im an artist and i have my first goliath pink toe... she is in her molting i had made a post but she isnt looking to good.. I have rasied other spider types but never any T's. I have had a range of poison to none... since i was 3 years old i have found myself just so intrested in spiders...
    i was told to come here from someone on my Live Journal and for Angara my pink toe might be to late but for my next ones to come will help me greatly soo anyway i just wanted to say hello !
  17. bengi68

    bengi68 Arachnopeon


    im 30 years old and have 3 little girls. we own 5 tarantulas 2 scorpions a rotti and a siamese cat. we love spiders
  18. monster taranto

    monster taranto Arachnopeon

    Hi i am audi form puerto rico , since little i loved and admired spiders and also insects. i have kept puerto rican pigmy tarantulas from the farm of my grandfather and and puerto rican birdeating spiders that i have captured there and succesfully kept them for long time. i have even captured back widows even though they are not endemic from here and have bred them and kept them for over a year with success. Right now i am looking for purseweb spiders to breed and folding doors spiders but is difficult to find someone who sefind them for me i will actually offer whatever in exchange for purseweb spiders even tarantulas endemic to puerto rico. I am a recent menber but i would like to share my passion of spiders with others and to hear about other also
  19. Ravienne

    Ravienne Arachnopeon

    Hi there!

    Howdy, all! My name is Josh, and I'm a 20-year old university student. Sad to say, I don't have any cute little invertebrates right now. I had a sweet little Chilean Rose in my youth, and I loved her. My mom said she was the best pet we had ever owned: no barking, no scratching, and about a dollar a month to feed. In the last year or so, I've rediscovered the hobby through the internet. I would really like to start a collection soon; problem is, next semester I'm moving into a room in a guy's house (nice house!) and he's not sure yet if he's comfortable with creepie crawlies in the house, no matter how cute they are.

    I'm interested in music (it's my major), dancing badly, singing, listening to wierd alt bands, eating cookies, looking at pretty spiders, and Facebooking cute women. Actually, I just joined this board to meet girls. Is it working yet?

    My ambition is to become a Broadway musical superstar and own an extensive collection of OW tarantulas named after Sesame Street characters. The crowning jewel would be a Goliath Pinktoe named Mr. Smiley.


    EDIT: Just a note: The Rio Grande Gold in the picture on the caresheets here is one of the mose beautiful spiders I've ever seen. I MUST HAVE ONE!
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2005
  20. MattM

    MattM Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Hey all,

    i'm Matt. 22 years, live in the Netherlands.
    My main interest is Scorpions, got 14 of them atm.

    Hoping to find some good info over here, and I doubt I will {D
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