Induce minimal webbing in greenbottle blue?


Mar 11, 2017
I don't own one but if I did and it didn't web up the enclosure like candyfloss I'd be disappointed, that's the appeal of a GBB, and of course their gorgeous colouration, from slings to adults, the metamorphosis is outstanding. Got to get one or 3 in the near future.
That's really good, asking questions before getting one. I'd personally suggest a much wider, deeper enclosure for their sizes than you would for a typical terrestrial. Many more inches. Good luck, they are a great species.


Sep 14, 2014
I got mine as a sub-adult 4+ inches (now easily 5") -- she went from her shipping cup directly to her permanent home. I didn't actually intend to put her in one of my larger sized KKs (8"X14"X12" ish). All but three of my Ts are in normal sized large KKs -- but GBB, B emilia, and G rosea are in ones that are too big to fit on normal shelves. So... she's in a 'larger' large size KK. I don't think I even realized my KKs weren't all the same size. Oh well. Happy mistake, as Bob Ross would say. (I say KK but mine were purchased as faunariums, whatever that means).

I glue-gunned silk leaves on two sides, left one narrow wall blank and put corkbark on opposite narrow wall. Her webbing was so thick and heavy -- one wall of glued leaves popped loose. The height of her webbing on that wall is the same as the opposite side where the leaves weren't pulled loose. She used to have like a 4 floor building, but it looks today more like two levels. If she goes to underground level -- she is pre-moult. Otherwise, she sits topside most of the time. She has webbed near the top of enclosure -- but thankfully, her lid has an additional door for food drops, water refills, maintenance. Keeps me from disturbing her web-work.

Mine hunts topside on her huge webbed upper floor. She is faster than prey -- the few prey that make it to her basement level are soon recovered and pulled topside for consumption. lol
I do have to occasionally tear a hole through her webbing to reach her water bowl, but I believe most of her hydration is received via prey. Her ping pong ball (do not even bother offering a GBB a ping pong ball) is also webbed over in lower level.

My only advice re: housing into permanent home is to beware of any air slits/holes that a smaller T might escape through.

Basically, her larger-than-required enclosure worked out well for mine -- prolly just took her a little longer to web everything up. ;)


Aug 21, 2015
Giving them a much bigger enclosure also helps. Bigger than you would for the typical terrestrial. That will also make it easier for you to leave half of it bare and still let it web to its content. But they do web over very large areas so, go really big not just a smidgen.

edit: it may be possible some the enclosures you saw with the preferred webbing were in the early-mid stages. It's not done... My recent rehouses(2 wks) might have about amount of webbing you prefer but they definitely are not done. It seems they web in bursts, some mornings there's visible patches and stretches of new webbing then mornings with no visible new webbing.
That might just be the case. Maybe I'll just get it to let it web, I don't mind. After all I'm still lacking a terrestrial heavy webber type. Knocking the GBB down the wishlist though haha.