I can't believe my eyes!!!


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Feb 22, 2003
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Originally posted by Steve Nunn
The incubation period should be around 6 to 8 weeks(someone more familiar with H. lividum may be able to come up with a more accurate time period).

They don't go off water as such, but they do have a nasty habit of dumping the sac in the water, making it go off. If you are worried about her still drinking (she would be fine without water for the incubation period anyway, you could just spray some on the sides of the enclosure every second day), you can just fill the dish with gravel, to stop the sac from being dunked.

Most of the Asian T's are very good parents, although some will eat or reject the sac (good reason to check the enclosure daily). I can tell you now that not too many have had success with H. lividum eggsacs, CB or otherwise. If she leaves the sac for longer then a day without going back to it, remove it. You will then have to look at incubating it yourself.

You can still feed her, but keep an eye on the prey, to make sure it doesn't remain in the enclosure for too long(you don't want anything else eating the sac).

Anything else?

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that info is useful thanks

i dont know about your lividum, but mine has sealed the burrow entrance with a good 10cm of thick web and substrate... nothing is getting in or out, not without a spade anyway :p

i just raked up the spider files, the egg is almost 4 weeks old



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Oct 9, 2002
Wow...congrats MrT...

I didnt know they were so in demand till i saw the replies in this thread...kewl...