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How did you find Arachnoboards?

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by ilovebugs, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Pyxie

    Pyxie Arachnopeon

    I found the forums when I was doing a group "amazing race" in which I could get 500 points for holding a tarantula. That many points was enough to kick me in HIGH first. I went to the local pet shops and asked to hold their Eight-Legged creatures, but none would let me:banghead:. Being highly competitive, I didn't let that stop me. I went right online a bought one. That'll show them.. not let ME hold one.. Imma get my own:D. Problem came when I had a tar a rule and no idea how to keep it. After some quick searches, I ended up here;). I won the race too:smuggrin:, AND got three more tarantulas. I suppose I am hooked now.
  2. Cororon

    Cororon Arachnosquire

    I found the Arachnoboards a couple of times when I was trying to pinpoint the species of spiders I've met. This place is a valuable source of info thanks to its members!
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  3. StarPum

    StarPum Arachnopeon

    I've been planning to get a tarentula as soon as I'm settled home and spent HOURS ripping my eyes off and reading tons of pages about how to care for them... When I found arachnoboards and realized that I could interact with a whole community, I registered and knew I'll come back later when I'll get my first T!
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  4. DJGinger

    DJGinger Arachnopeon

    I was looking to save a stunned spider that was literally dropped on me
  5. Jahee

    Jahee Arachnopeon

    Google, after trying to figure out what to feed mister Spidur.
  6. I came across mention of the boards while watching an episode of The_Dark_Den. Petko was scrolling through the forums and made reference to them which made me think I should check them out myself.
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  7. sschind

    sschind Arachnobaron Old Timer

    The thread title reminded me of one of my favorite jokes

    Waiter "and how did you find your steak this evening sir"

    Diner "I just lifted a piece of lettuce and there it was"

    As for how I found this site, probably through a google search but its been so long I really don't remember.
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  8. My ex had an account on here before we got together and he's the one who introduced me to AB.
  9. netherguard

    netherguard Arachnopeon

    I was googling around to learn about keeping the random spiders I find in my house/yard as pets and I stumbled across the boards. They've been very informative!
  10. atronic

    atronic Arachnopeon

    Like most people I found this board by googling about. 2 spiders deep now and Im fascinated by this hobby :)
  11. MissG13

    MissG13 Arachnopeon

    Arachnoboards was recommended to me by some one in the tarantula collective group (Facebook). This has been one of the most informative places on T's that I've discovered.
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  12. David McCreary

    David McCreary Commander of the Universe Arachnosupporter

    I was looking for a place to buy a tarantula after I found one that was crawling on a leg span of about 10" up onto my back porch. It was heavy, all black, and had an impressive presence. With a piece of cardboard I gently scooped it up and placed it in my garden. The spider showed no defense and wandered off never to be seen again. The next day I went web surfing for a T and found this wonderful site. The overall end result is an A. seemanni that abides in a vivarium I built, sitting on the edge of my desk.
  13. I just kept trying to look up species of spiders and kept seeing arachnoboards, figured I’d join bc I wanted to ask some questions and comment on some stuff
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  14. The Seraph

    The Seraph Arachnolord Active Member

    I was researching how to care for a tarantula and I came upon here seven years ago. I have only been a member for a few months though.
  15. Gerbear

    Gerbear Arachnopeon

    I found AB looking for information on what a good beginner species would be, and for Canadian dealers of said species, and the remainder of the story can be found in the historical archives.
  16. kingofall

    kingofall Arachnosquire

    I found it from a google search for Heterometrus Spinfer
  17. I found it because i was googling different species of tarantulas.
  18. I found it googling info on Tarantulas something I don't do now because of this it's like the Google of the tarantula world
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  19. I found this site when looking for info about jumpers
  20. Vanisher

    Vanisher Arachnoprince Old Timer

    15 years ago i was at the peak of the hobby, keeping hundreds of tarantulas and breeding alot! Then it was not hard to find AB. Now i am just keeping around 10 spiders for fun! But it is still alot of fun and very intresting! A bunch of new speicies has entered the hobby since then!
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