First T. What species should I get?


Sep 26, 2013
The pulchra will take a really long time to grow into anything sizable. And they are a little fragile in the sling stage, especially when it can take months to years to reach 3"+. Never owned one, but that's what I've heard.
G. pulchra are just as bulletproof as G. pulchripes when it comes to care. I have owned one from 1/4" sling to maturity.
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D Sherlod

Dec 30, 2016
Everyone has made great points, I would have trouble deciding based on those recommendations......

So get all 3 ;)

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014

All great choices. I would get something at least 1.5", small slings, especially slow growers can be frustrating for many new keepers. A little bigger just takes a lot of those extra questions out of the picture...questions that will be answered with experience, both with the larger specimen, and hopefully with research here on the forums.

Juvies are still at a faster stage of growth, and are also capable of a wider array of prey options.

Vagans are under-rated, as a black t, I actually prefer them to pulchra, although they can be a bit on the skittish side....pulchripes tend to be easy going, and active substrate movers with ridiculous appetites....albopilosum are great because theyre really good eaters and growth is also decent. Their hairs do make them a more interesting species to own than one might initially think....cyaneolum is indeed about the calmest species I have ever seen, theyre blue and they are good eaters, the downside is that they are hard to find and they are also more expensive.

Whatever you get, don't measure humidity numbers, and don't buy a hygrometer. Its really as simple as keeping the sub, or part of it, damp. Any t can be kept by anyone in any climate....drier climates merely mean you will be adding more moisture, more often (for those that need it...none of these do). As for temps, just keep night temps over like 67, and day temps at at least 70 and you're fine, anything over that is great, consider it a bonus.
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Mar 5, 2017
Hello again! I know this thread is a bit old now, but I thought I would update everyone who posted on my decision.
First things first, thank you to everyone who gave me species suggestions as well as care advice. It was well appreciated and I'll take every one into consideration when I'm able to expand my collection.
But for now, I'd like to introduce my new Brachypelma Vagans! She's 3 1/2" (probably closer to 4", I haven't had a chance to measure her,) and is lovely. She's made a burrow and always walks in her water dish; very interesting to watch. Also a voracious eater!
Thanks again guys! Quelaag.jpg (I took this pic before she dug her burrow.)


Feb 4, 2016
Got this hobby form albopilosum. Nothing special... but it's a tarantula! And surprisingly she's one of my favorites in my collection. Great eater, medium-fast grower once past the 2" mark ime, overall beauty. vagans are great too , mines a crazy eater... CRAZY and mean. If i were you I'd get the albopilosum and the pulchra, or just the albo because it's bigger and that's always better for a beginner imo. Go with the vagans if you're up for it. B9BCE681-8C2E-4435-9B44-AF311A6E88C6.JPG

Edit: congrats on your new addition welcome to the hobby