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T. cyaneolum
@gypsy cola
LPS...the guy who runs the pets store by me is friends with one of the guys who ran the Theraposid Breeding Project here in Milwaukee many years back...I knew nothing of them at the time, but apparently they were pretty impactful on the hobby.

Anyway, the guy's doing more with turtles and has moved, so the store sells some of his extras...found this for...get this, its gonna tick you off...$49.99.:astonished:

I'd almost pay that for a sling if I could find them.

The sad thing is that I did lose her to a molt last year, it was devastating....she was the crown jewel of my collection.
@AZ Tom

Gypsy's correct, flat out the calmest tarantula I have ever seen...never spooked, never hid, only moved fast to catch prey...very good eaters btw. The only thing that keeps this species from being the hands down #1 beginner species is availability.

And it looks to stay that way as you never see slings for sale, and you never see males....and the females are few and far between.
Beautiful Tarantula!!!!!!!

It is kind of interesting and sad that the origin of Thrixopelma ockerti is on the same dot on the map in Peru as cyaneolum, but cyaneolum is not available for the hobby on a similar level.

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