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Favorite Scorpion Food

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Keith, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. LordScrub

    LordScrub Arachnopeon

    that was about 3 months after i moved into my house, and we didn't have anything useful for capturing them, and i used to be kind of scared of them, but i don't have to worry about that now, we have plenty of stuff to capture them, i'm not afraid of them anymore, and we have a desert thing behind our house where we can let them go. i've also gotten rather fond of scorpions now, one of my teachers lets me pet/play with his whip scorp, since its non-poisonous, and it isn't aggressive, its actually quite playful. no, i don't put my fingers near its pincers, if i want to touch its pincers, i use some toothpicks i glued together so it cant pinch me.
  2. Rabid Flea

    Rabid Flea Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I have a lot of earwigs here but im afraid to feed them because of they may be carrying pesticides from outside...
  3. Well this may partially answer my question... Can certain spiders be fed to scorpions without poisoning them? As it is fall there seem to be more spiders than anything else and the local feed and seed rarely has small crickets that wont end up eating my rather small scorpions.(I am still trying to identify my scorpions that I caught, but I beleive them to be Paruroctonnus boreus or a related species but am still not sure) As I have read in this post and another that people have successfully fed a wolf spider and jumping spiders to an emperor scorpion. I am looking for alternative food sources for my scorpions until I can successfully breed enough young crickets that would be appropriate for feeding to them.
    I am glad I caught the post about certain sow bugs and moths being poisonous... I was about ready to go searching for some.
  4. Prymal

    Prymal Arachnoking Old Timer


    I've fed spiders to all of my scorpions - they relish them! I collect several dozen A. tepidariorum to use as feeders throughout spring, summer and autumn. Centruroides vittatus make short work of them as will C. gracilis and C. exilicauda. Theridiids make great prey for scops as they're cumbersome and do not move well or fast out of their webs. Try web-reliant weavers such as Theridiids (may want to hold-off on offering any Latrodectus spp.), Araneus, etc. Some spiders such as the agelenids, are a bit fast for most scorps.
    I'm an advocate of a good varied diet for all my animals and use crickets (Acheta and Gryllus spp.), grasshoppers, locusts, roaches, superworms, beetles, nightcrawlers, pinkies, anoles, neonate garter snakes, etc...there's few things most scorps won't devour!
  5. Antares

    Antares Arachnopeon

    This time I am really fed up with crickets: something went wrong in one of my enclosure and almost all the crickets in died (I haven't figured why, since the crickets in the other enclosures are fine, perhaps some kind of disease), I didn't notice it for several days, and when I did I had to clean a box full of roting cricket corpses, the smell almost made me throw up... So I decided I would try to feed roaches to my scorps, however I have rather small scorps (H. hottentotta, O. dentatus, ...) and the petshop I buy my animals from has a limited choice in roaches. So I finally deciced to start keeping Nauphoeta cinerea ("African speckled roaches"). I know they can climb glass and are thus experts at escaping, but at least I won't feel sick each time I have to clean my feeder's boxes !
  6. I usually feed my scorps crickets. About 2-3 per scorp every other week. Since pinheads are a pain I feed my tiny,tiny scorplings termites. I just got a batch of V. carolinianus scorplings from darkeye, they were afraid of the termites at first(very funny)! I make sure to just feed them workers not soldiers. I've got a culture of mealworms but, my sav monitor likes them better than the scorps (don't hate me but, once I fed my sav a baby emperor). Once I get some more $$ I'm going to start a B. dubia colony again. For some reason I really hate buying crickets.
  7. Schlyne

    Schlyne Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I mostly feed my inverts B. dubia roaches these days. I go to Lee Waton's Reptile Swap on a regular basis and often pick up other feeder insects to feed to the inverts on occasion. (Silkworms, waxworms, mealworms, and crickests. I've never picked up superworms...no idea why).

    I feed the roaches carrots, dry cricket feed, fish/cat food, and apples. I've feed them oranges as well, but they didn't seem to swarm all over that as much as the apples. They've also had leftover fruit babyfood form when I was feeding crested geckos.
  8. Leper

    Leper Arachnopeon

    I feed mine whatever kind of juicy bug we can catch but I only feed him when he seems to be hungry. He sort of goes on the prowl and there is no mistaking it. I would say that he gets a couple of bugs every 6 weeks or so. It doesn't seem like much but he's been going on that way for years now so I have to assume that this arrangement is okay. My research years ago led me to believe that it is far easier to overfeed than it is to underfeed and that would seem to be the case, at least with mine.
  9. RaZeDaHeLL666

    RaZeDaHeLL666 Arachnodemon Old Timer

    my scorpions diet consists of crickets, mealworms and madagascar hissing cockroaches.
  10. NoS

    NoS Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I feed my guys superworms and silkworms. They love tham and are doing very well.

    Crickets suck.
  11. Antares

    Antares Arachnopeon

    I totally agree, I feed my scorps once every two weeks and they are all doing fine, even species I keep communally. I don't know if overfeeding a scorp is really bad for its health, but I have noticed that an overfeed scorp tend to become sluggish and stay in its burrow all the time.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2005
  12. Scorpionidad

    Scorpionidad Arachno-overlord Old Timer

    Well mine...

    I frequently feed my Emps and Petersii geckos, lizards, (for petersii baby of both [incidentally; they were supposed to eat little bugs]). I have tried meal worms but my scorps ignore them. ;)
  13. feeding

    i have a desert hairy. brother in law caught it in his garage shes grown a bit since i got it.

    i feed it usually one cricket or one large mealworm every week. or two every other week.

    but for some reason shes not liking the mealworms anymore :/

  14. talljosh003

    talljosh003 Arachnodemon

    i feed what ever is convient... lol
  15. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    I only feed them KFC
  16. talljosh003

    talljosh003 Arachnodemon

    extra crispy or originaL?:}
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