Favorite Asian Arboreals


Jul 2, 2016
So i've been tring to decide what my next T is gonna be I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with either Lampropelma sp borneo black or a violaceopes. Size is most likely gonna play a factor with this one, which is why I'm leaning more toward the violaceopes they just seem to look stocky and big. But I also like the color. Even though I love pokies I think thats gonna be my next order after this one either an ornata or ruffi.

So, as my title states whats your favorite?
All of them ;) I've got new slings of O.shiodtei, L.violacepes, L.sp borneo black and O.sp Hati Hati, they all eat like pigs and are fairly unique in their behavior. The violacepes has been the most active webber and is my current favorite, they all have their own personality traits with the shiodtei burrowing the most. Oh and of course any and all pokies!
I'm a fan of the whole Omothymus/Cyriopagopus/Lampropelma group. L. nigerrimum is stunning and, of course, BLACK! O. schioedtei are among the most beautiful spiders ever in my opinion, although I don't see a lot of them except feet. My hatihati is actually less shy than her schioedtei cousins and much more laid back, so I see her quite a bit. I'm not into blue spiders, so I'm not that interested in the LV. They are all great, though. I haven't had Pokies long enough and all mine have done so far is hide and molt, so I don't know yet whether I really love them or just like them.
Yeah that's typically how they are, but when you see them it makes it all worth it, especially when they surprise you with a molt.


Aug 5, 2012
Stunning spiders!

If theyre ANYTHING like schioedtei, theyll burrow a ton as slings and become more visible as they grow.
Ive also noticed theyll adapt to whatever conditions you give them
One of my juvie schioedtei females still burrows, as ive given her a lot more substrate, while the other is 100% visible at all times with less sub and cork tube hide. She likes to be out and about!

Curious as to how youre keeping yours
My O.Schioedtei is a 1/2" sling, so ATM it burrows, saw it yesterday with a very dark shiny abdomen, so a moult is imminent.