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Any New Additions?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Venom1080, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Killertut

    Killertut Arachnosquire

    B. auratum, B. klaasi and B. sp Tortuguero arrived today from the UK.
    Sadly they had to refund me for the B. smithi as they had none left in stock.
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  2. ColletteTZ

    ColletteTZ Arachnopeon

    Got a mystery box and an A.geroldi today, box contained
    B.albiceps -sling
    B.kahlenbergi -sling
    A.crinirufum - Sling
    N.incei - juvie
    P.Fortis - Juvie
    N.Chromatus(female) - large Juvie
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  3. Michael Livote

    Michael Livote Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Got in three females a few days ago:
    2 (two) A.avicularia's -one sub adult M.1 (2.5") and one sub adult/adult M.6 (A.metallica) (5.5"), both are healthy and one (the M.6) is in pre-molt :)
    1 (one) A.chalcodes -sub adult/adult (4.5"). She's very active and digging away already in her new enclosure for my friend whom I bought her for :)

    Got all three from xenesthis off this site. Todd's a great guy to deal with!

    IMG_1041.jpg IMG_1043.jpg IMG_1029.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  4. FeralTami

    FeralTami Arachnopeon

    Unplanned rescue addition today.

    Female 2" B. albopilosum that was no longer wanted by their previous owner and stuffed into a small box with a bit of wet and muddy substrate. People suck :shifty:

    She is settling into her new home very nicely :)
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  5. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    ooo, forgot to mention, last week I picked up a few new slings:

    0.0.1 Caribena laeta (Unnamed) - finally checked that one off my wishlist
    0.0.1 Psalmopoeus emeraldus (Beryl) - Kinda reminds me of my P. irminia as a sling
    0.0.1 Psalmopoeus ecclesiasticus (Francis) - looks like an arboreal Pamphobeteus as a sling :O
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  6. Brought home a Pterinochilus murinus on Saturday. Haven't met her yet... it's just a really nicely webbed box of dirt.
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  7. Killertut

    Killertut Arachnosquire

    got another Brachypelma sp. 'Tortuguero' sling and a Brachypelma verdezi sling with CITES papers.
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  8. Aarantula

    Aarantula Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Soooooo cool! I love the idea of mystery boxes!
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  9. WolfSoon

    WolfSoon Arachnoknight

    M. balfouri and E. cyanognathus spiderlings, found for cheap on Craigslist! The balfouri has been a dream T of mine for so long, I’m over the moon. :)
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  10. SonsofArachne

    SonsofArachne Arachnoangel Active Member

    New slings - 3 x Pamphobeteus sp mascara, 2 x Thrigmopoeus truculentus and a freebie - Pamphobeteus sp cascada !
  11. Urzeitmensch

    Urzeitmensch Arachnosquire

    Arrived yesterday from Poland:

    - C. Versicolor (small sling)
    - E. Murinus (sling)
    - X. Sp. Blue (big sling)
    - B. Bohemi (juv. female)
    - N. Tripeppi (juv. female)
    - T. Blondi (juv. female)

    Despite the long transport and high temperatures they all seem fine. Although when I ordered I thought about the size being body size not legspan so I had to improvise some smaller enclosures *facepalm*
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  12. Got a Poecilotheria ornata yesterday. She's a decent size, DLS probably like 6" or somewhere around there. She is unbelievably docile and the rehouse was the smoothest one I've ever had. Can't ever get complacent; that's how accidents happen... but I'm seriously still in a state of disbelief over how calm she was. I do think that Poecilotheria in general don't totally deserve their bad reputation, but this girl was moving like a Grammostola rosea... in slow motion.

    I actually had my phone set up recording the rehouse but it messed up and stopped around 30 seconds in, missing all the action, if you could even call it that. It's a bummer because at one point I incredulously asked her, "Are you even a Pokie?!"

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  13. Killertut

    Killertut Arachnosquire

    the 2nd B. sp. Tortuguero sadly died a couple of days after arrival.
    as i wanted to eventually be able to breed them i got another 3 and a 4th one for free (who knows if other europeans got some and if the uk will stay in the eu). thanks spidershop :D
  14. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnobaron Active Member

    Three new slings today:) Pseudoclamoris gigas, Tapinauchenius violaceous and another Pterinochilus lugardi ( just cause I love them). The little P. gigas (which gave me a bit of a run in unpacking though certainly not the worst I've dealt with) is the only one I could get a pic of. I apologize for the horrible quality of my cheap phone camera.

    P. gigas July 2019.jpg
  15. MintyWood826

    MintyWood826 Arachnobaron Active Member

    I got 4 B. albopilosums. I would rather have gotten a species I don't already own, but they are really tiny and cute so I'm not disappointed.

    Besides tarantulas, I also got a P. regius, a fishing spider, and my first scorpion.
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  16. I got some new slings from Kimora the other day. :)

    1x H. Spinifer scorpling
    2x B. Albo- Nicaraguans
    3x Avic Avic Azuraklaasi

    My Nicaraguans are so tiny! C: And yup, I've labeled them properly to avoid any breeding with my Hondurans. All of the Avics ate already, as did one of my Nicaraguans.

    I'm really excited about the Avics, though. :eek: They're super speedy and hella energetic.
  17. LailaQ

    LailaQ Arachnosquire

    Three for this past week:
    First pic is a Subadult female A. chalcodes “New River rust rump”, from the fabulous AZTom. This tarantula was an absolute sweetheart while being unboxed. And she’s absolutely stunning!

    Second pic is (upper right corner) a tiny spider butt: the B. vagans sling from FearNot Tarantulas made a quick jet to that hole and ignored me until I put its enclosure away. Then it came out and did a few laps to check out the new digs.

    The third pic is of a very curious Grammastola rosea. This sling didn’t run away, but actually tried to climb out on my hand twice. I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship! LOL.

    These are numbers 14, 15, and 16 of my collection. I swore I only wanted one when I started this journey, April 16th, 2019.

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  18. KenNet

    KenNet Arachnopeon

    Waiting for my Orphnaecus sp. Marinduque (purple) to arrive ... Next week... I had to tell, or I explode!
  19. SonsofArachne

    SonsofArachne Arachnoangel Active Member

    Got the following slings last week, been too busy to post them:

    3x Ami sp. Panama
    3x Bonnetina chamela
    3x Pseudhapalopus sp columbia
    3x Selenocosmia crassipes
    3x Theraphosinae sp. Panama
    3x Thrixopelma ockerti
    1x Macrothele gigas (getting 2 more from another source)

    Also got two freebies - Theraphosinae sp. casanare and Encyocratella olivacea
  20. velvetundergrowth

    velvetundergrowth Lobopro Arachnosupporter

    Galeodes granti, an Egyptian Solifugid.

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