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Amazonía - North Perú

Discussion in 'Field Trips (Natural Habitats)' started by pato_chacoana, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. ErikWestblom

    ErikWestblom Arachnobaron

    That's a Plexippus paykulli, "Pantropical jumper", a cosmopolitic species.
  2. AlainL

    AlainL Arachnoprince

    Hi Pato,

    Your photos are absolutely amazing:clap:
  3. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    thanks very much to all of you! :)
  4. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel



    my place in Iquitos ''Maloca''

    palm roots


    ara ararauna


    small tree
  5. Breathtakingly beautiful.. :worship:
  6. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    thanks Maarten! I'm sure you'll get to see and experience a lot of cool things in your trip too.

    I recommended Colombia to you above the other destinations because is the only that you mentioned that has Amazonian ground. I love the Amazon Basin more than anywhere in the World.
    But any place with primary rainforest is amazing :) I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics!!!

    Best regards,
  7. Thanks for your advice. Sooo hard to decide.. :eek: I just also remembered that I need vaccinations and things and my 500$ budget is looking less realistic. :p We'll see, though. I really wanted to go to Suriname, as they speak Dutch, but the ticket is 2000$.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
  8. By the way, that "chicken spider" is insane. Beautiful specimen. I feel sorry that I never had the time or money to find Haplopelma species or trap-door spiders in China, although I did find other interesting animals. Next time I go back in several years I will go to the jungle on the China/Vietnam border and find them!
  9. Pato,

    I've just checked again and Colombia IS the only destination anywhere near the Amazon that works out for me and prices are very reasonable. Manaus was just a little too expensive and the dates don't work for me. My parents may fight with me not to go to Colombia. Of Guatemala, Panama (near the Columbian border), and Rio de Janeiro, which would you recommend as a second choice? I can already feel the adventure of Colombia calling me.. I'll try my best. ;)
  10. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    Hi Maarten,

    Indeed, I had the same problem with Guyanas (my first choice), the tickets are insanely expensive! Peru was much cheaper, about 650 dollars. But the next year I'll see if I can figure something out...maybe Venezuela (still Theraphosa ground) and I'll see what to do from there.
    I always choose destinations for field trips according to the spiders I want to find and I try to find out as much as possible of the forests conditions and habitats. My main interest is in the Theraphosinae giants. Colombia has Pamphobeteus, Megaphobema, Xenesthis, etc. What else could I ask? hehe, Theraphosa and that would be it for me! :D

    About a second option I personally would choose Panama. Maybe you can even find Xenesthis immanis on the border. I bet Panama is beautiful place to go with a lot of wildlife and biodiversity. But I'm sure Guatemala is beautiful too! It's always a hard choice! hehe
    About Brazil, well it's a huge country and still has a lot of wildlife. But again I would choose the Amazonian Brazil hehe. The Atlantic coast is very populated and deforested especially the center-south, and Rio is a huge city. Brazil is also more expensive than other Amazonian countries such as Peru. In fact, Brazil could be the most expensive of the Amazonian countries these days.
    Also, about Manaos, take into consideration that is an industrial city! big city and contamination (oil industries too...) and deforestation perhaps the higher on the entire Amazon!

  11. spiderfield

    spiderfield Arachnobaron

    Beautiful pics Pato! :worship: I especially like the pics of the Tapinachenius sp. poking out of the brick wall...makes me think how funny it is that sought-after South American species are an everyday occurrence down there.
  12. I have never been to South America or seen any large mygalomorphae so I would be stoked to find just about anything. My second main interest is herp fauna and, of course, I want to see a jaguar (I have a dream of glimpsing a large cat in the wild - South China tiger was declared extinct while I was there.. Seen any?), monkeys (Seen them already in China but the new world species), parrots, et cetera. Leafcutter ants would also be interesting and just about anything else exotic.

    The Darien region on the border of Colombia is supposed to be the best-preserved rainforest in Central America and draws me, though I'm not sure yet. The choices, the choices! I had that feeling about Brazil too and am not surprised to hear about Manaus (unfortunately).

    Ooo.. I just called Northwest Airlines and they said that I could get a ticket under 873$ and they would just have me pay 873$ so Peru and Costa Rica have just become options and my top two already. But they only service Lima and the Amazon is very far from there and so is Machu Pichu and other places of interest. I will have to research the various cities like Cuzco, though. Peru has such a blend of indigenous cultures.

    Costa Rica, though more touristy is more compact and if I dig in deep enough and get away from the crowds should have a lot to offer and is probably the only country that I would take my wife to. So it looks like a decision between Peru and Costa Rica; two countries where I have always wanted to go to. At this point, though, my choice would be for Peru as long as I have enough time to see things. I have about 15-17 days and a limited budget. What do you think?

    Now if I could hire/drive a jeep or boat it would be ... awesome.

    EDIT: Peru is far far far more exciting by FAR and I hope to avoid the South (Gringo Trail), though I still want to see ruins, the Andes, and the jungles of the North/North Centre. I hope not to hear any English after leaving Lima. ;)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
  13. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    Hi Maarten,

    Well, if you choose Peru, you have Amazonian jungle in Madre de Dios Province, fairly close to Cuzco. You should find out how to get there (if not by plane) to spend less money. This area crossed my mind to go too, but finally decided to go North. Biggest town in Madre de Dios is Puerto Maldonado. In this area you will find the famous Pamphobeteus ''chicken spider'' as well as Avicularia sp., Cyriocosmus sp., etc.

    Have fun and take a lot of pictures!


    Thanks man, I'm glad you like them! The Tap. pics aren't so sharp, but it was at night and they were my last tarantulas to photograph in my trip, I was tired and lazy by then hehe.

  14. PoPpiLLs

    PoPpiLLs Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Amazing photos you are so lucky and thanks for sharing with us.
  15. Wouw, that's great information, Pato. I definitely think that I could get to Cuzco relatively easy from Lima and take a coach or bus or rent a jeep to get to the jungle. According to Google maps it looks like there is a main road leading from Cuzco. Now, whether I can go or not will depend on when my wife immigrates here. *Crosses fingers*
  16. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    Thanks PoPpills, I will surely never forget that trip :)

    Marteen, I'm sorry to hear you had to postpone your trip :( I'm sure you will do it very successfully with more time to study and prepare everything :)
    I will be going on holiday for a road trip (and camping) to Uruguay and South Brazil in January, it should be quite fun and interesting! Although it will not be so tarantula-hunting but more beach life :p

  17. Teal

    Teal Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    WOW.. I can't even describe how amazing this thread is! Superb photos.. I'm so jealous!

    And, can you send me a few of these please?!

  18. Ja, I'm sorry too.. It looks like I may be going back to China as well, as my wife is having visa problems. Have a good trip! The area you will visit looks very beautiful, though I don't believe that there is much jungle. Still better than here, though. :drool:
  19. pato_chacoana

    pato_chacoana Arachnoangel

    Thanks Teal, but can't send any...that was a pet of my good friend :D


    Indeed, not much rainforest... but I've been looking into some protected areas that are still left of Paranaense Rainforest, and it looks pretty good (in Santa Catarina). I will be very happy if I come across with the big Grammostolas...iheringi-actaeon-grossa or whatever sp. in that group...are one of my favourites...

  20. Fran

    Fran Arachnoprince

    Hey Pato,
    Outstanding pictures!!!
    You must have gotten loads of info and knowledge out of that trip...(Info that I would love for you to e mail me :wicked: :wicked: {D )
    Im really jealous!

    Get to see those animals in their natural habitat, with real behaviors...Thats a sight.

    Good luck with everything, Im sure you will get to be one heck of a naturalist.

    Tu amigo,
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