A. seemanni home


Apr 5, 2007
I have a A. seemanni spiderling. He/she likes to burrow (duh). At the moment he is in a tall slender tube, so when he burrows (since he has no floor space), I can see him in his burrow. He is getting a bit too big for it now and I need to upgrade him. I want to get a tall skinny candle holder for him, so I can still see him when he burrows.

Good or bad idea?

Any other suggestions so I can still see my little guy? I worry when I can't see him. :p



Old Timer
Oct 10, 2006
I would not restrict him to something with so little room. As it gets larger, how are you going to give it a water dish in an enclosure like that. Misting and moisture from the food will not be enough for a larger terrestrial like the seemannii. Most T's, when they burrow, like it dark and if they sense a lot of light, all the walls that you could look in to see the T will probably be webbed up so think you wont be able to see in anyway. Do the medium Kritter Keeper of a five gallan tank. Plenty of room for a nice private hide and a nice big water dish. Just my opinion. ;)

The Red Queen

Mrs. TarCan
Jan 19, 2003
IME, A. seemanni with large terrariums will usually end up digging part of their burrow along the side of the terrarium. None of our 4 largest females ever web much on the inside of their burrows, so it is usually pretty easy to spot them by shining a flash light through the side of the terrarium.