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Tarantula Nhandu coloratovillosus

Common Names
Brazilian Black & White
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Initial Breeding Date
Special Notes
Male was kept in center section of 3 way divided 10 gallon tank, one female on either side of him. Kept in moist coco at around 75 degrees, offered an open water dish, all three had constructed webbed hides and established burrows.
Male's mature molt was 4/16/2015.
Female's last molt was 6/2/2015.
Paired in a large common area about 3' diameter, the female was placed in the center first, introducing the male at one side. Male was paired several times over the next couple weeks with both of 2 females, alternating and allowing 24 hours rest after each hookup.
The male started tapping immediately and found her quickly. I observed several good hookups before they seperated and she didn't pursue him after they were done.
Male was observed making webs at night immediately after the pairing and several times during the week after successful pairings.
Post Mating Care
both females developed ravenous appetites and were fed till plump on crickets and dubai roaches
Time & Care
Sac was dropped 11/20/2015 and looked to be about 1.5"-2". She faithfully guarded and rolled it until 12/27/2015 when she abandoned it in her refuse corner.
Final Details
Sac was around 200 eggs, about one third of them to the eggs with legs stage but all stuck together. The bottom half of the sac looked like infertile and or black and moldy

The Sucessful female and her sac. She seemed so proud of it how sad

Overall this species was super easy to pair, although the male certainly had a lot of time to be excited living next door to two mature females. As soon as he mature molted he was looking for a way out, so by the time i paired him he hit the ground running.

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