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Tarantula Haplocosmia himalayana

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Succesfull Haplocosmia himalayana breeding
Initial Breeding Date
Special Notes
2 weeks before pairing i reduced temps to 24° and soaked half of the enclosure, added males web to female enclosure visa versa.
I introduced the male to the females enclosure on 23/07/2020
The male approached the entrance to females burrow and began to drum and vibrate on her webbing. The female began to drum back and approached the male. They paired for around 90 seconds, the female then clamped down and ate the male.
Post Mating Care
I kept one half of the females enclosure wet and raised temps to 28° and increased humidity by taping over half of the vents.
Time & Care
The female dropped her eggsac on 20/08/2020, 1 month after pairing. I left the eggsac with the female for 35 days. I pulled the eggsac and all were at N2 stage. They were then place in an incubator at 28° and molted into spiderlings 2 weeks later.
Final Details
Final count of spiderlings was 255 plus 1 death.
Paired: 23/07/2020
Eggsac found: 20/08/2020
Eggsac pulled: 24/09/2020
Stage: N2's
Number of slings: 255
Deaths: 1

Pairing video:

Pulling eggsac:


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