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Tarantula Ephebopus murinus

Common Names
Skeleton tarantula
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Successful Ephebopus murinus pairing and egg sac
Initial Breeding Date
July 8, 2021
Special Notes
I kept the female at a consistent temperature (75° F) and humidity before and after pairing.
I introduced the male to the female's cage. She came out of her burrow, drummed at him, and they attempted two embraces, she went down into her burrow, and he started leaving the enclosure (he was cupped and placed back in his separate enclosure afterwards).
I was not able to see any "clean insertions" and the embraces happened very quickly. The entire pairing from start to finish took about 20 min.
Post Mating Care
I kept her humidity and temperature consistent.
Time & Care
She dropped her sac February 13, 2022 (7 months after pairing), I pulled the sac March 12. They were not yet EWLs, but hatched into EWLs 3 days later in the incubator, and 1st instar about a week later.
Final Details
There were 74 eggs/EWLs, I counted 66 2nd instar when I finally separated them.
I kept the EWLs and 1st instar in a sealed 32 oz deli on cheesecloth suspended over water, opening it once every 4-5 days to examine them, take photos, etc. The moisture did not seem to be high enough in the deli, and they had difficulties molting to 2nd instar. 21 slings were able to fully come out of their molt, but 43 were stuck in their molts to varying degrees (some with just the end of a leg stuck, some with legs 1 and pedipalps stuck). As of May 2, 60 slings are still alive and able to eat. Only 10 still have molts stuck on them. I have kept them very moist, feeding pre-killed once every 3 days, and on heat mats with a thermostat set to 80°F.


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