What Is This? Feces? Hemolymph?

What Is This? Feces? Hemolymph?

Not sure what it is, picture isn't the best but It's a liquid like substance with some white coloration dispersed in it. Hopefully it's not from a leak :( I've only seen one drop so far.
My honest guess at this is it looks like the liquid a female T would lay on a mat of web and would then inject her eggs into, but there isn't enough webbing on the ground under it to be of any use for wrapping after the eggs have been injected/if eggs have been injected. If this was in one of my T's terrariums I'd keep a close eye on her/him especially if no mating has occured ... not sure why if it was the start of a sac why it would be abandoned either, I'm not a breeder and this is only my guess.

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