Sold As Goliath Bird Eater

Sold As Goliath Bird Eater

Purchased from breeder as unspecified Goliath Bird Eater. One year old this month (4-2010). 2 people have told me no, one saying it is Brachypelma.
Looks a lot like my 1" brachypelma smithi sling. But give it a couple more molts. Sometimes can be hard to tell that young/small. I've also never had a T blondi sling, so I may be mistaken
snakecollector said:
Definitely not a Blondi sling... I'm guessing Lasiodora probably Parahybana
+1 ... Looks just like my LP when it was around that size.
I also think it looks to be a LP sling which is a bird eater and will grow quite large, however that is in no way a T. Blondi
Im far from an expert but ive got an LP (sling) and mine seems to have quiet long leggs in comparison to its body and this doesnt! i also have a T.Apothyisis sling and id expect the T.Blondi to look the same (with out pink feet) so id say its not a T.Blondi...sorry!!

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