uknown tarantula

uknown tarantula

we saw a bunch of these while camping in Jawbone Canyon in the Mojave desert (California). They were about 3" across.
I don't see any "boxing gloves," and 3" is too small for a MM A. chalcodes. It's probably just underfed by the size of the abdomen.
Females generally only get around 4 inches. So how is a 3 inch male tiny ? And how could it not be mature at around 3 inches ?
too spindley not to be a mature male. look at the front leg real close, you can see the hook.
Male with a 3" body would be nice and big. Front pretarsus or metatarsus also slightly curved, typical of adult males with tibial spurs, also his macho butt lifting stance struttn his stuff lookiin for the Aphonopelma ladies. Mygalomorph males like tarantule males don't have boxing glove palps, but instead the palps are folded away hidden tucked under the tibial segments of the pedipalps.

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