my unknown T

my unknown T

This is a spider I bought labeled unknown species. It is very aggressive and is approximately 4" and growing. Any help on it's id would be appreciated. I was thinking H. minax at first but I had one years ago and it was nothing like this.
Scourge said:
Looks like Selenocosmiinae to me, perhaps Selenocosmia javanensis?
I looked at some pics and it sure does look like one. I'll assume it is for now until I find something that looks more like it.
my guess is a pulchra. does it stridulate or go into threat posture. is it aggresive or a burrower?
It is most definitely not G. pulchra. It is an old world species, whether it be selenoscomia phlogius(?) or any other old world is beyone me.
After looking at my Barron's "A Complete Pet Owner's Manual: Tarantulas and Other Arachnids", it looks like a Coremiocnemus sp. "Malaysian Blackvelvet" (it's on page 56 if you have it). That's a sweet T!!! If not then I vote G. pulchra. :D
it can't possibly be a G pulchra.

the setae on the abdomen is not like that of a pulchra's, PLUS, G pulchra has a golden patch on the abdomen, this tarantula does not.

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