help in identification?

help in identification?

Friend bought a (presumed) Goliath Bird Eater from a local shop and was sad to be informed that it definitely is not. Can’t seem to put a finger on it. An Asian Arboreal maybe?
Asian fossorial. Cyriopagopus vonwirthi more than likely, or minax.

Give it a fossorial setup with lots of partially moistened substrate to burrow.
@JungleJuice16 I was going off the fact it was purchased from a pet shop as C. hainanus is not typically imported. Infact, not just from Hainum,that goes for the rest of China too. It doesnt look like one to me.

What size is it? Does it have obvious white stripes of white setae on the fringes of the chelicerae?
Like @KezyGLA said, give it a fossorial setup like this one. It has 5 inches of substrate, a nice cork starter burrow, and plant webbing points.

After it webbed up the burrow.

These can be a bit of a handful so be careful when you move it into the new enclosure. Good luck.

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