H. minax?

H. minax?

this was sold to me as H. minax, can I get a confirmation of this from anyone?

When it is WC from Azia then it i H. longipes, because I have this ''minax'' too.
Earth tiger? I forget the binomial name off the top of my head. Definitely not H. minax- true minax are pure black with barely noticeable leg striping and abdomenal stripes (almost like a glossy/matte offset).
There's no way this can be H. longipes. In longipes the metatarsal scopula covers half the segment, in this spider it doesn't, also the leg IV is longer and more robust than leg I in H. longipes, in this one it's not.

In my opinion this can be one of two species: Either H. minax or its close relative H. sp. "Vietnam". And yes; H. minax can have conspicuous abdominal pattern in particular in younger specimens.

Also, C. paganus and H. minax has nothing to do with each other. The C. paganus type specimen is a juvenile and furthermore lost, so no way to tell what it is before it is relocated.


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