Please Id this Poecilotheria

Please Id this Poecilotheria

Please Id this Poecilotheria

I thin it can be P. ornata because:

- around of dark line on opisthosoma is too dark for subfusca the line , P. subfusca has got it lighter.
- Te dark line is across of all opisthosoma
- on peltid the light stripe is characteristic for ornata, P. subfusca have got ''sun'' or ''star''.
- On first legs on tibia subfusca haven't got this yellow stripes.
- P. subfusca's colouration is lighter and on opisthosoma it has got light ''tiger'' lines.
mechwar said:
Im 90% sure its a male Ornata....Although its possible its a male Regalis.
100% P. ornata. I'll send both of you a GBB sling if it has the Regalis white band on the abdomin. There is NO definative way to tell a Poecilotheria's sex without seeing emboli or a spermitheca. That being said the dark coloring actualy suggests female. (no bet on that though)

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