Found wild raspberries to go with my wild grapes

Found wild raspberries to go with my wild grapes

I haven’t had much luck finding many of the California Aphonopelma species but I am finding the yummiest food on my adventures. :)
I used to live in Oregon and I miss wild blackberries, salmon berries and raspberries. They literally grew in ditches and empty lots. When we were kids we used to sit it in our Rainier cherry tree and eat cherries until we were sick. You are fortunate to live in an area of California that gets enough rain. Were are pretty dry here in San Diego. However my apricot tree is full of fruit.
@Dman I wish we had rain. Central California is called the dust bowl for about 60 years. Most plants will die here unless it’s close to a river fed from the mountains.

I loved living in OR. Except for that one thing. If you are curious, look up Salem OR/ Ray Eddings and Jessica Tibbits. About 22 years ago.
@Drea from your photos I figured you were in northern California. Central Ca is harsh you are right.
I looked that up and it is a messed up story. Sorry if that impacted you or your family personally. I hope not as that would be awful.
@Dman I am 3rd generation from all 4 grandparents. England, Spain, Germany, and Mexico. They weren’t even around for all that.

But it’s still hot here though.

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