Wild grapes. Score!!

Wild grapes. Score!!

Went to go find stuff and get in a small bike ride. I will be going back in the late fall for these hopefully juice grapes.
Wow! You were motivated for a bike ride by a found mushroom and you found wild grapes! Great day!
@cold blood just wanted to say thank you for the mushroom picture that inspired me to go find stuff too. There is a river that never has water but it does now and I saw fish! I will be going back tomorrow with my fly rod and some new stuff I made over the winter..
@Dman life is funny like that. One thing we see or hear cause inspiration somewhere deep inside. Suddenly one day, you get the courage to identify what inspires our heart and soul and just follow it without holding back. You never know what lies in front of you until go and find it. Today I found grapes and super cool arachnid, who knows what I will find tomorrow.
@Dman I have them called camel spiders, wind scorpions, run it will kill you, and sun spiders. I had to research what it is actually called and best housing because I have no experience with these. It is fast and has an attitude for sure though.
Maybe tomorrow I will find my new power cord so I can use my laptop instead of cell phone for everything. Haha that would be a great find.
@cold blood rainbow trout for sure. The lake is another 15 minute drive from where I was at so I will bring my large mouth bass stuff just in case I get bored with the river.

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