Brachypelma smithi

Brachypelma smithi

I bought this individual as a female, but evidence suggests otherwise.
I thought what you are showing there are the book lungs - I'm new here and there might be more to your message. I'm here to find out if my B Smithi, named Daisy, if the hooks on her front legs are because she should really be called Danny!
I'm actually trying to show the spermethecae - or lack of one - in between the two upper booklugs along the inside of the epigastric furrow of the exuvium. I think the spider is a male, even though it was sold to me as a female. I see no spermethecae along the fold of the furrow between the upper booklungs. Check the "sexing for dummies" thread stickied on the Tarantula Announcements boards to see what I mean.
I only have had one B Smithi and knew little about spiders, but isn't it widely known that the shop people assure you a young spiderling is the sex you want it to be knowing they might be 50% right!!!
I'm convinced my poor spider has grown up with a personality complex due to me thinking he is a she!
My spider is now somewhere between 4 and 5 inches, and I have little doubt now that it is a male.
Hi There,
Does look like a male. What size is it? I have 2 Brachypelma smithi. One mature male and also a large female.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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