B. albiceps or A. anax? [1/4]
i here they can be very difficult to tell apart, and i don’t personally know the defining characteristics of either genus.

I got this boy because i suspected B. albiceps but it was sold with a common name only, “arizona brown” which i don’t. think actually refers to anything...
Did you just listen to the latest Tom’s Big spiders podcast? This was one of the subjects he discussed, so it would be a crazy coincidence if you hadn’t. :)

Anyway, looks like a B Albiceps to me. The bright orange on the carapace and the very dark body are the clues. From what I’ve seen, the Anax is more brown, with a darker caramel colored head.

I don’t own either, though, so take this with a grain of salt. I just googled both and compared.
Picture is fresh MM yesterday or this morning.

If you can tell me any defining charactaristics for the two species (or any other look alikes that i might not know about)

I will upload more pictures shorly
@N0M3RCY117 LOL. Actually i did, but i was told it was probably female so i was gonna wait a molt and then post pictures.

i have heard that the color of the anax is pretty variable so i just wanted to be 100% sure before his life as a prostitute begins.
Aditional pictures of the spider when it was Penultimate.

I've seen B albiceps in person. This is definitely albiceps. Anax from my limited experience are not nearly this bright, esp on the abdomen.

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