Aphonopelma chalcodes
I'm probably only /slightly/ obsessed with this tarantula seeing as I have four females... Your lady is lovely
Yours is just lovely I'd like to get one with coloring like yours, but I'm also trying to find another on that looks like mine.
I am so jealous. You have no idea how badly I want an A. chalcodes and cannot find one for the life of me. Which is totally unfair since they live on the same continent as me.
Absolutely glorious girl you have there.
@Shawnee Thank you! :happy: They do have a unique subtle beauty to them! I'd love to see photos of yours! :)

@MrSmith86 Thank you, I love them too! :D I think both colorations are quite lovely but I have never seen another that looked like yours! If you cannot find another, in my opinion, you should mate her with a more typically colored male and time the development of the slings so that they can be crossed. Normally I would not be in favor of inbreeding but it may be the only way to obtain a line of this coloration and if care is taken to choose the healthiest individuals, should be alright.

@VanessaS Thank you! :) Check out TarantulaSpiders.com -- Todd usually has A. chacoldes in stock and I purchased my girl from him.
I'm in Canada, so I won't be able to order from any U.S. suppliers. And the Canadian suppliers don't have any.
@VanessaS Bummer! :( Sorry I didn't think to check your location first! I wonder if one of the suppliers would order ine for you? Surely they should be one of the easier species to import! I can only assume that the demand for them is not as high as it is for more colorful exotics. :shifty:
I saw Amanda from Tarantula Canada on Sunday, I had a couple of little ones to pick up from her at the expo, and I asked her to keep her eyes open for me. She said she might know someone with A. hentzi spiderlings, but the A. chalcodes are very difficult for her to get even. All the paperwork and whatnot that needs to be done to get them from the U.S. up to Canada, and the fact that they steer clear of wild caught animals, makes them almost impossible for them to get. I would prefer to stick to captive bred myself.
I will wait to see what she says about the A. hentzi.
@VanessaS as soon as I read "cannot find one for the life of me" I remembered you're in Canada. everyone I"ve met that desires these and can't find them are from Canada. My euro mates tell me the UK has them but only slings on market right now.

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