Aphonopelma chalcodes

Aphonopelma chalcodes

Aphonopelma chalcodes "Desert Blonde" 3" Confirmed Female. Wild Caught GPS - 32.276848, -111.127747
Really like the colors of your one. I've been looking to get a good photo of mine, but she's in premolt, staying in her hide.
I usually don't comment on photos, but I had to pop in and say that you have a beautiful A. chalcodes. Definitely one of my favorite species - I've been looking for a light blonde one for awhile!
Her colors are quite stunning. An overlooked beauty for sure, but slowly catching the attention of the European market. My first glance I noticed her abdomen is so light colored compared to most blondes that I've seen.
Once a light enough colored male is found she will be bred and large portion of her young from every sack will repopulate the Tucson area of Arizona.

If I can 100% confirm their existence in southern Colorado I will be running a similar project in the pueblo area.

As of now I can only confirm the natural existence of Aphonopelma hentzi and will regardless be releasing young of this breed from well color distinctive pairs as time passes.
Gorgeous tarantula and I applaud your efforts to sustain the wild populations -- hopefully they are not undone bu the continual intrusion of human "development."

If not every sling goes to this purpose, I would be interested in purchasing one when that day comes. She is a really beautiful tarantula. :)
I'm hoping on the lottery as well she is wild caught so she may just produce a sack before my first tracked molt.

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