zebra update ?



Hey Gail!, Can you give us an update on your injured zebra T?, Thank you, Minax.


Old Timer
Aug 16, 2002
Hi, sorry, I didn't see this post right away. The new type of fungicide that I am using seems to have killed the fungal growths about 80% - I gave her a crippled cricket last night and she ate it so I am going to take that as a good sign. I also saw her drinking water and the odor is subsiding again. I think that I may have pulled her back from the edge one more time. Here's hoping that she doesn't slip back. I have come up with a whole new way of moving her when I switch her to a clean ICU each day. Because of the nature of her injurys I didn't want to put any pressure on her abdomen in anyway. I cut the end off of a tall square freezer container. I put this in front of her and very gently coax her to walk into it on her own. Then I place it into the new ICU and very gently coax her to keep on walking right out the other side. It is really much less stressful for her and there is zero chance of jarring her abdomen.
I am documenting all of the medications and application methods that I am using and will put it all together into an informal "paper" and see if the ATS is interested in it.

Thanks for your concern,