wolf spider sac


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Jan 11, 2007
about a month or so I caught a wolf spider. very soon after I caught her she laid a sac and just a couple days ago she abandoned it. I thought it was wierd since she is supposed to be a loving mother and I was looking foreward to seeing her carry all her little babies. I gave it a day and when she didnt take it back I pulled it out and it looks like the sac had gotten damp. yup there was mold inside and quite a few eggs with leggs. I spent a very good portion of the day separating the lil guys with no mold from some of the lil guys with just a bit of mold on them. I now have them all in a little make shift incubator. it looks like the guys with no mold are going to be ok. they are starting to darken up a little bit and wiggling their legs alot more. my question would be has anyone had experience with eggs with legs molting out of the mold. this is what im hoping for. I dont want any of the lil guys to die.


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Jun 5, 2005
I dont have a clue.. never had any problems with wolfies..
Pay shipping and I'll send you a female and a whole eggsac full of babies.. they are off her back now and wandering around webbing everything. Enclosure included.